Who are the winners of Minecraft Championship 20 (MCC 20)?

The Minecraft Championship 20 just concluded with a new winner taking home the victory!

Minecraft Championship
Minecraft Championship 20

Minecraft Championship has returned after a long hiatus and the games ended just some time ago with a new winner. Here are the final winners of the MC Championship 20 and their scores.

MC Championship is an event custom-made by the Noxcrew and is participated in by most f the major content creators, streamers, and popular Minecraft players. After a hiatus of almost 3 months, the event has returned to hold a full-scale game. The event started and concluded on 26th March 2022 and the results for the same have already been revealed.

Here are the winners for MC Championship 20 and the final scores.

Minecraft Championship 20 (MCC 20): Aquad Axolotls reign supreme!

Minecraft Championship
MC Championship: Aqua Axolotls

MC Championship 20 featured a total of 10 teams with 4 members each, who fought for the victory in a series of 9 mini-games.

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The final showdown for the event came down to the team of Yellow Yaks and of course, Aqua Axolotls. The mini-game played for the last match was Dodgebolt, which is always the final event for the games.

There were some great teams plays and highlights in this MC Championship, with a new mini-game called Rocket Spleef making its debut and some player swaps before the event started. However, the final victory was taken home by Aqua Axolotls after a 2-hour long battle!

YouTube: SMP Moments

The final Dodgebolt match was dominated by Aqua Axolotls and they defeated Yellow Yaks in a 3-0 beatdown, securing the crown of MC Championship 20.

Minecraft Championship
MC Championship: Aqua Axolotls

Aqua Axolotls comprises the following players:

  • 5up
  • Antifrost
  • GeminiTay
  • Hbomb94

Even though they won the overall tournament, the winner by coin tally was Yellow Yaks with 82 coins more than the Aqua Axolotls.

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