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Who are the winners of Minecraft Championship 21 (MCC)?

Here are the final winners of the Minecraft Championship 21 (MCC 21) edition of the event!

Minecraft Championship 21 winners

Minecraft Championship has just concluded one of the best editions of the series so far with the 21st edition warping up today. The final winners for the Minecraft Championship 21 have been declared and it is none other than, Cyan Coyotes.

Minecraft Championship is a monthly event created by Noxcrew and organized by Smajor, and features some of the most celebrated Minecraft content creators. The event is a creator-focused challenge, where several Minecraft content creators and speedrunners form groups and participate against each other in a series of cutthroat mini-games. The latest edition went live on 30th April 2022 and featured 10 teams in total with 4 players each.

After a series of events and play-offs, the winner came out as the Cyan Coyotes, a dark horse for this time.

Cyan Coyotes take home the Minecraft Championship 21 title!

Minecraft Championship 21

The MCC 21 featured a total of 10 events, through which teams competed to gather the most coins and win the elimination-style rounds.

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Among the games played, the Decision Dome select Battle Box as the second-last event after which the finals were held. The event showcased exciting battles streamed by each of the Minecraft content creators and finally, in the end, Cyan Coyotes took home the win.

They faced, Blue Bats in the finals but the event was clutch by the winning team at the last moments. The finals were won by an overwhelming victory of 3-0 by Cyan Coyotes. The players featured in the Cyan Coyotes are:

  • Sapnap
  • Seapeekay
  • Snifferish
  • KryticZeuz

Sapnap from the team was also the best performing player in this edition with a total coin tally of 3299, beating out fruitberries by a 200 coin margin.

YouTube: SeapeekayLIVE

However, the coin tally shows Blue Bats in the lead by a large margin compared to other teams.

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