“You guys have been absolutely amazing to be this year” Mizkif buys his viewers anything they want

This article talks about Matthew Rinaudo popular known as the twitch streamer 'Mizkif' who gifted his viewers anything they wanted this Christmas


There are a few ways of appreciating the viewership of your stream. The most usual ones include playing games with a select few people from the community, giving random game codes or gaming gear, but Mizkif took it one step further and bought his viewers anything they wanted if they won the games he put them through. So how much money did the streamer empty from his wallet and what all prizes were won?

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What is Mizkif?

Matthew Rinaudo is a popualr twitch streamer who streams under the alias of ‘Mizkif’. He is known for hosting many Just chatting videos on twitch and occasionally playing games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft and more unusual games such are Super Mario 64 and animal crossing.

"You guys have been absolutely amazing to be this year" Mizkif buys his viewers anything they want 2

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What all did Mizkif give away?

The first gift that he bought for a viewer was a Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse and a Razer BlackWidow V3 mechanical gaming keyboard both of which were the Halo infinte editons. One person asked for a Nintendo switch and Mizkif Hilariously told him that the limit was $300. He then decided that he’d flip a coin if it was heads he’d buy it and if it was tails he wouldn’t. It wasn’t a lucky day for Rinaudo as the coin landed on heads after which he took some time to process his bad luck and proceeded to honor the deal.

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