“It just didn’t happen”: Mizkif explains his absence from Sh*tCamp

“It just didn’t happen”: Mizkif explains his absence from Sh*tCamp

Mizkif blamed miscommunication with QTCinderalla caused him to miss this year's Sh*tCamp

Twitch streamer and One True King co-owner Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was one of the names who had chosen not to make the trip to this year’s edition of Sh*tCamp, the week-long event organised by QTCinderella.

Mizkif stated that he had accidentally planned his vacation at the same time as the event, citing a lack of communication as the reason behind not attending the event.

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Mizkif says lack of communication behind Sh*tCamp absence

"It just didn't happen": Mizkif explains his absence from Sh*tCamp
Mizkif joked about not going due to xQc being absent as well

This year’s edition of Sh*tCamp has finally concluded, the event being streamed on the Twitch and YouTube channels of the various participants over the past week. Mizkif was amongst those people who chose not to go to the 2021 event’s follow-up and has recently revealed why he did so.

Mizkif revealed that he had accidentally planned his vacation at the same time as QTCinderella planned to hold the event. He commented-

"It was kinda, just like, lack of communication I would say, that was more the issue, uhmm - it just didn't happen, I'm sorry."

The streamer then went on to promise his chat that he would surely attend next year’s event, as well as visit QTCinderella for the “Oogie Boogie Bash”, a Halloween party organised at Disneyland which the duo had also visited and streamed from last year.

“Yeah, I didn’t go ’cause xQc didn’t go, that’s it” added Mizkif, joking about all the drama before the event concerning xQc backing out from the event at the last moment and HasanAbi calling him out as he saw his actions as disrespectful and disingenuous.

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Despite the initial drama, fans greatly enjoyed the event. The event featured streamers like HasanAbi, Valkyrae, MayaHiga, Ludwig and many more being divided into teams and engaging in friendly competition in a series of games like hide-and-seek, pool volleyball, relay race and paintball. Sh*tCamp’s opening ceremony video on QTCinderella’s channel currently has more than 250,000 views.

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