“It’s not worth it”: Mizkif reveals his Twitch earnings, advises viewers to save their money

“It’s not worth it”: Mizkif reveals his Twitch earnings, advises viewers to save their money

Mizkif claimed this was a comparatively lesser payout

American streamer and OTK co-founder Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo recently held a Q&A stream on his channel, where a viewer questioned him about his income.

A chatter named ‘Flashiness’ had asked Mizkif how much did he receive from his Twitch payout. The streamer quickly displayed a screenshot from his Twitch dashboard, which read $106,755.83.

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Mizkif claims this payout was comparatively lower in amount

"It's not worth it": Mizkif reveals his Twitch earnings, advices viewers to save their money
This figure did not include income from any brand deals Mizkif had done that month

Mizkif was recently holding a Q&A stream, where he would either have to answer a randomly chosen question from his chat or spin a wheel of punishments. On the stream, a user named ‘Flashiness’ asked him How much was your last check from Twitch?”. The streamer quickly took a screenshot of his Twitch dashboard and showed how much he had made-

"$106,755.83. It's because I didn't stream, and I'll be real with you chat, it's very, very, very, very low. Which is why I always say, you don't need to give money to streamers. Don't do it. It's not worth it."

Mizkif added that this was his payout for July, he hasn’t received the one from August yet and obviously, September is still going on. He again mentioned that this was why he says that people should not donate to bigger streamers.

He also said that even streamers with 2000-3000 viewers don’t depend on donations, viewers should just subscribe to them with Twitch Prime if they can because it’s free. He even gave an example of his friend Tectone, saying how his stream has a smaller community than him, still he does really f*cking well.”

I spend more than 100 grand a month, based on everybody, and stuff. I spend a lot of money. But overall, I’m making way more money, than I’m losing he explained to his chat while talking about his expenses and how he manages his money.

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He concluded by saying that all he wants to say is that viewers should save their money because Twitch does provide a good amount of methods for streamers with a substantial viewership to monetize themselves. On Reddit, a person calculated that based on the fact that Mizkif streamed for 75 hours in July, he had earned a whopping $1423.40/hour in that month.

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