Mojang Studios introduces new variants of Wolves in Minecraft

After 13 years of their addition to the game, Minecraft Wolves are finally seeing a change in the latest Minecraft snapshot.

Mojang Studios introduces new variants of Wolves in Minecraft

Wolves in Minecraft (Image via: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Wolves were added to the game by Mojang Studios nearly 13 years ago. Minecraft’s Java Edition Beta first saw the addition of these creatures in 2011. The mobs were considered groundbreaking at the time; These were the first mobs that could be tamed and help you out on your journey.

Players could collect bones from killing skeletons and give them to these creatures. After handing out a few bones, Minecraft wolves could be tamed. Similar to Axelotls, Minecraft wolves also help you out in combat. They will automatically attack mobs and even other players you attack first or who attack you.

However, you must be careful as they do not possess a lot of health and can be damaged easily. Their tail is a good indicator of their health, which can be increased by feeding them meat such as Steak.

Explore 8 new varieties of Minecraft Wolves with the latest snapshot

The latest Minecraft snapshot allows you to explore eight new varieties of Minecraft Wolves. These creatures had rarely seen any changes since their introduction nearly thirteen years ago. Finally, Mojang has added eight new wolf variations for testing in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta and Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot.

Minecraft Wolves new snapshot
Wolves in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Note that these new wolf variations are purely cosmetic at the moment. Different wolf variations have no changes in health, damage, or agility. The texture of Minecraft Wolves simply changes depending on the biome they spawn in. The following list displays each new breed of wolf and the biome in which they can be found.

  • Pale Wolf – Taiga
  • Ashen Wolf – Snowy Taiga
  • Black Wolf – Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Chestnut Wolf – Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Woods Wolf – Forest Biome
  • Rusty Wolf – Sparse Jungle
  • Spotted Wolf – Savannah Plateau
  • Striped Wolf – Wooded Badlands
  • Snowy Wolf – Grove Biome

The original wolf has now been renamed to the Pale wolf, spawning only in Taiga biomes. The Snowy Wolf also spawns much less frequently compared to the others on this list. It is also unclear how breeding between two different breeds of wolves will work once the feature is permanently added to the game.

There are also three new biomes where Minecraft Wolves will now spawn. The Jungle, Savannah, and Badlands biomes did not spawn wolves in them before the update. However, they have their own variant of Minecraft wolves that you will be able to find upon exploring themes biomes.

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