Mr. Anime Man asks Ludwig and Pokimane about their favourite Animes, their responses are nothing you would ever expect!

Mr. Anime Man in his latest video asked 100 youtubers what their favourite anime was. Those names included Ludwig and Pokimane and you know we had to let you know. Read on!

Ludwig and Pokimane

Ludwig and Pokimane when asked about their favourite animes by Mr. Anime Man, had plenty to say about their favourites and their answers aren’t the conventional answers you may expect.

In his latest video, Mr. Anime Man asks 100 YouTubers what their favourite anime is and each of them had a different perspective on the topic and quite a few answers ended up surprising us!

Ludwig and Pokimane open up about their favourite anime

Mr. Anime Man is known for his content around everything anime, from interviews, to anime rants, to even going so far as to make H**tai tier lists, he’s truly got it all. He is a half Japanese person who lives in Japan itself.

MrAnimeMan video feat. Ludwig and Pokimane
Mr.Anime Man’s latest video asks 100 YouTubers about their favourite anime of all time

In his latest video, he asks 100 different YouTubers what their favourite anime of all time is. The list also included our beloved Pokimane and Ludwig amongst the other 98 big names in content creation.

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Now, when Ludwig was asked what his favourite anime of all time is, his answer was a surprising one as he said that “The Goated anime, is Welcome to the NHK”. He went on to explain his choice by saying that the anime was based around loneliness which is something we all can relate to.

Ludwig Welcome to the NHK
Ludwig explains his favourite anime in Mr. Anime Man’s latest video

He also explained that he felt that the anime dealt with loneliness the best way he had ever seen in any medium irrespective of it being an anime or not.

Pokimane on the other hand said that her favourite anime was Parasyte stating that the anime had a “cool and creepy concept” while having really amazing messages and morals to back up the plot.

Pokimane Parasyte
Pokimane names Parasyte to be her favourite anime

She also said that it has been her favourite for quite some years at this point since it was an oldie and had been her number 1 anime ever since she watched it.

The video also included other big names like PewDiePie, Penguinz0, CallMeCarson, and Sssniperwolf.

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