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MrBeast loses 30 day fasting challenge because of Gordon Ramsay!

Gordon Ramsay makes MrBeast lose a challenge! Read all about it here!

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, in his latest video, challenged himself to not eat food for a whopping 30 days which can be considered a month! failing which, he would get his head shaved!


Throughout the challenge, his friends tried to make him eat things but he wouldn’t budge. It was at the mid-way point when he met Gordon Ramsay that he lost the challenge. Keep reading to find out more about it in detail!

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Gordon Ramsay makes MrBeast lose challenge!

As we know, Jimmy Donaldson, more affectionately known to the world as MrBeast, is no ordinary man when it comes to challenges and his absurd yet very literal video ideas.

Chris teases MrBeast with a burger

From recreating Squid Game which recorded one of the most views for his channel, to the early days of saying random words for hours and hours at times, he has truly come a long way.

In his most recent video however, posted on 2nd July, MrBeast declared he was not going to eat anything for the next 30 days making it one of the most difficult challenges that he had ever undertaken!

His friends had full liberty to try and make him eat something and if he would cave, Chris would get to shave Jimmy’s head which only made things sound even better for the group.

MrBeast’s friends rented an ice cream truck to lure him to eat!

As Jimmy embarked on his 30 day fast, he kept working throughout and went to different sets to film different videos giving us a background into how many videos he was shooting at the time.

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However, it was during the time that he was filming the video where he gave away a Willy Wonka themed chocolate factory where his chief guest made him lose this challenge!

Gordon Ramsay makes a breakfast sandwich for MrBeast!

It was none other than celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, who was brought over as a judge for the video and during the process of filming, he made an offer to Jimmy that he couldn’t refuse.

A beautiful breakfast sandwich that he had prepared himself from start to finish and it was then that Jimmy decided to end his fast. All thanks to Gordon Ramsay, we got to saw Chris shave MrBeast’s head.

MrBeast loses the 30 day fasting challenge!

In the end, MrBeast showed himself with a half bald head after which he proceeded to wear one of his signature grey hats and said “For the next five months, I’m gonna be wearing a hat, goodbye” before he signed off.

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