“I’m dying mentally,” MrBeast reveals his overwhelming filming schedule to take down MIGHTY T-Series

MrBeast's filming schedule has been defiantly taking a toll on his mental health!

“I’m dying mentally,” MrBeast reveals his overwhelming filming schedule to take down MIGHTY T-Series

(credits: MrBeast on Instagram)

YouTubers strive to make their fans happy and constantly keep making content. Although this usually leads to drama piling up, Recently, YouTubers like Charleston White & JiDion have been really hot topics. However, YouTubers like Mr. Beast always rule the social platform with their content and massive fan base. But the most-subscribed YouTuber has recently revealed how his mental health has been going downhill. Moreover, Mr. Beast even mentioned how his filming schedule in the race to surpass T-Series has overwhelmed him.


MrBeast has been constantly making top charts with his recent videos. And the YouTuber has no thoughts of stopping anytime soon, releasing videos almost once per week. Furthermore, all three videos produced by Jimmy have constantly broken the world record for most-viewed non-music videos under 24 hours. Mr. Beast’s quality of content has mesmerized fans.

However, MrBeast’s official Twitter handle has touched upon some aspects of producing such big content constantly. And now, the YouTuber is causing quite a worry among fans.

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MrBeast’s overwhelming filming schedule deteriorating his mental health

"I’m dying mentally," MrBeast reveals his overwhelming filming schedule to take down MIGHTY T-Series
Snippet from MrBeast’s latest video, “Every Country On Earth Fights For $250,000!” (credit: MrBeast on YouTube)

MrBeast’s recent videos have been on such a large scale that it shows how much time has been invested in it. And money, too. The production value and sheer amount of content in the videos are constantly impressing fans. However, all this bravado has packed Jimmy’s schedule, constantly keeping him busy with creating videos almost weekly.

Jimmy went to his official Twitter handle to express how much this weekly posing has overwhelmed his schedule. Moreover, he touched upon how his mental health has taken a hit. MrBeast said,

“To upload weekly videos later this year, I’ve been filming every single day (and only have a couple of days off filming between now and the end of the year) and I’m dying mentally. I hope you guys love these videos when they go up, I’m pushing myself to the max to get them done.

Jimmy has been upping his video schedule due to the subscriber race with T-series. After surpassing PewdiePie, MrBeast has been crowned the most subscribed individual YouTuber. So fans are hoping for the YouTuber to overtake T-series in the race for subscribers. And he’s steadily moving up the ladder, too!


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