MrBeast sends YouTuber to his private island to look for secret treasure that he hid!

MrBeast sends YouTuber to his private island to look for secret treasure that he hid!

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Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is no stranger to weird ideas and absurd challenges that he puts himself through. This time around however, he decided to put the pressure on another fellow YouTuber!

Just as Jimmy puts himself through such challenges, he decided to give the challenge to none other than Matthew Beem this time around by sending him to his own island looking for treasure.

MrBeast sends Matthew Beem to his island!

Jimmy has been known for his extremely strange video ideas including one of the most recent, “I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!” where he gave away an entire Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed chocolate factory to one of his viewers.

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Not only the recent feat, but he is also known for videos such as the time when he buried himself alive for 50 hours, and the Squid Game remake he made in collaboration with other creators from the platform.

This time around however, he sent a fellow YouTuber, Matthew Beem, on a wild goose’s chase to his own private island claiming that he had hidden a famed buried treasure there which if Matthew found, he could keep!

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Beem headed to the now named “MrBeast Island” after he received the following message from Jimmy : “On my island is a buried treasure chest, I may or may not have buried it, but there’s a treasure chest there. Matthew, good luck finding it.”

Matthew Beem MrBeast

After receiving the cryptic message from Donaldson, Matthew, before long, was headed to the famed island with the hopes of finding the buried treasure which could have been anything to be precise.

As he reached the island, he was greeted with “beaches with pigs, two different caves” and more while he continued to look for the famed treasure that he had gone there for in the first place.

MrBeast Island Matthew Beem
Thumbnail for the video by Matthew Beem

In the end, Matthew ended up spending a couple days on the island before he found the chest that he was originally there for. As he opened the chest however, he found nothing but sand with a note that said “Congratulations, now subscribe to MrBeast.”

Beem was left with nothing but confusion as his video came to an end and he said “It’s just filled with sand…everybody watching this video subscribe to MrBeast, subscribe to me for the effort,”

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