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MrBeast suggests adding sushi to MrBeastBurger Menu, Instantly regrets it

MrBeast recently joked about adding sushi to the BeastBurger food line following which he had to face the consequences. Read all about it here!

YouTuber, Content creator, and widely known philanthropist, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, recently replied to a fan’s tweet about sushi and joked about adding it to the MrBeastBurger menu.

In a quick reaction, people of the internet banded together to stop him in doing so and asked him to fix the problems they are already having in maintaining food quality.

MrBeastBurger will have sushi now?

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is widely known for his insane video ideas and philanthropical ideas to help out people in need by donating literally millions and millions of dollars in one way or another.


A few of his most viral videos include “Counting to 100,000”, “I buried myself for 50 hours” and of course, the remake of Squid Game that he made which has gained over 251 million views on YouTube.

Jimmy has also started a few food related ventures such as the BeastBurger which boasts over 1000 stores across the US and UK along with his recently launched Feastables, his chocolate company.

A twitter user by the name Axe(@weternunion2k) recently posted a screenshot which was supposed to be funny. it showed an ad for BeastBurger which said “Celebrating Asian Culture and Cuisine” accompanied by a picture of a burger, fries, and some soda which obviously isn’t Asian.

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Replying to the tweet, MrBeast jokingly asked whether BeastBurger should add sushi to their menu and the joke was not at all received well.


One user simply said no following which he explained that the food from the outlets were already not being cooked to safety standards and asked Jimmy to look into the support page of his website. he further said “Imagine killing someone with bad or mishandled fish.”

Another, who was apparently one of the workers in the ghost kitchens where the food is made, replied “As someone who works for one of the ghost kitchens you use. Don’t let us make sushi,”. This comment also shed some light as to how the food might be being made.

MrBeast is yet to respond to these replies but rest assured you will get to know what he says right here on FirstSportz/

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