“I am gonna uppercut you,” N3ON HITS back at TikTok star Charli D’amelio for calling him out for disrespectful behaviour

N3ON threatens to punch Charli D'Amelio

“I am gonna uppercut you,” N3ON HITS back at TikTok star Charli D’amelio for calling him out for disrespectful behaviour

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Charlie D’Amelio is currently the second-most followed TikTok influencer on TikTok. She recently went on the Jay Shetty podcast and talked negatively about his past interaction with Kick Streamer N3ON. She narrated an incident from a party she attended hosted by her boyfriend, music artist Landan Barker. N3ON was also present at the party and had a fairly negative interaction with Charli D’Amelio.

The duo introduced themselves to each other, but the conversation took a downturn soon after that. She claimed that N3ON talked very disrespectfully with her throughout the interaction. He asked her whether or not she was single. Additionally, he tried actively flirting with her, even though she was standing next to her boyfriend.


Landan, her boyfriend, offered to talk to N3ON about the situation. However, she told him not to engage with him. She claimed that, after all, he was only looking for attention. Hence, they should not acknowledge the situation. Although it took a lot of resistance, she did not text him after the fact either. Before the party, N3ON also said on stream that he aimed to sleep with her by the end of the night.

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N3ON retaliates against Charli D’Amelio

N3ON finally talked about the situation on a recent stream. He called her out for the comments she made on Jay Shetty’s show. He started off by saying that he saw the show, and she was talking trash about him. Additionally, he claimed that Charli would never be able to say all that to his face.

Charli calls out N3ON
Image via: YouTube/@JayShetty

“Charli D’Amelio,” he began. “I see you talking sh*t on a podcast. It’s crazy, because you wouldn’t say that to my face. ‘Cause if I see you, I’ma uppercut you. Respectfully, please don’t talk about me. Keep my name outta your mouth, alright?”


N3ON added that he would uppercut her if he ever saw her in person. He then asked her not to talk about him further and to keep his name out of her mouth. Charli D’Amelio has not responded to this statement by N3ON thus far. It is probably related to her statement about not giving N3ON attention, as that is what he is seeking, according to her.

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