Nadeshot challenges himself to reach Radiant by the end of the year 2022

Nadeshot challenges himself to reach Radiant by the end of the year 2022

Nadeshot took to Twitter where he announced that he will be reaching the Radiant rank in Valorant by the end of this year.


Notably, he has been seen playing quite a lot of Riot’s 5v5 Tactical shooter on his streams so he might just put in the grind and reach the level that he wants to.

Will Nadeshot reach Radiant?

The 100Thieves Co-Owner and ex-OpTic Call of Duty Superstar has always had a knack for FPS titles and it really shows. He has had his time in the limelight when he played for OpTic Gaming under their Call of Duty roster and how, he shows off the same skills in Valorant.

Nadeshot, Founder and CO-Owner of 100Thieves

On his streams, he can constantly be found bettering his skills and pulling clips like nobody else can while driving his viewers crazy with his clean headshots.


While Nadeshot might have been a Call of Duty player, a game which isn’t very well known for recoil patterns, he sure is adjusting well in Riot’s shooter which 100Thieves, his own esports organisation, also has their own team for.

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Nadeshot, in a recent tweet took said that he would be making the push to Radiant aiming to reach the highest possible rank in the game of Valorant by the end of this year.

He further went on to say “Remember this tweet” as a sort of challenge to his fans and viewers which seemed to be coming from a place of motivation as these things usually do.

Nadeshot on a podcast episode

Fans were quick to react in their own different ways as some of them thought he wouldn’t be able to pull it off and gave him challenges of their own with one of them saying he should get a tattoo of his last rank if he fails to give himself more motivation.

Following the trend of tattoo related challenges, one said that if he did in fact pull it off, he would get a Nadeshot x 100T tattoo on his left butt cheek.

Whether or not will Nade be actually able to reach Radiant by the end of the year is unsure, but what you CAN be sure about is that we will definitely remember this if he doesn’t.

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