Nadeshot – Froste drama explained as the two content creators put up shocking allegations on each other

Nadeshot – Froste drama explained as the two content creators put up shocking allegations on each other

Froste and Nadeshot's drama explained

The streaming community and Twitter is getting filled with controversies lately as just hours after JiDion calling out Twitch for being racist, popular content creator Nadeshot from 100 Thieves and Froste from The Mob are engaging in a war of words with the two of them accusing each other of lying on their respective live stream sessions.


Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the CEO of popular American eSports organization 100 Thieves and Erind ‘Froste’ Puka, the former member of the organization are trending on Twitter due to their recent drama on Twitch as well as Twitter. This article shall dive deeply into the ongoing drama and the cause behind it.

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What happened between Nadeshot and Froste? Entire drama explored

Nadeshot - Froste drama explained as the two content creators put up shocking allegations on each other
Nadeshot and Froste on livestream

The seeds of this drama were sown on Twitter when Froste, former member of The Mob and 100 Thieves, two popular American organizations, started reminiscing about his days at The Mob house and how he misses being there with the other content creators. While this was just a content creator becoming nostalgic, the series of next tweets made by him started raising eyebrows.


Froste’s claims

Froste’s organization ‘The Mob’ was acquired by 100 Thieves in 2019 but was released two years later as the organization was disbanded. However, the content creator is now claiming that they were not provided enough money so that they can stay at their residence at Los Angeles. This tweet became instantly viral as Froste kept on putting up allegations on 100 Thieves.

"They paid us $2,500 a month each ($1650 after tax) and our rent was $2,500 a month. Not counting bills and utilities."

He further claimed that things got to a point where the content creators had to beg money from their parents as they were not able to afford a single day’s meals and apparently, this was the reason that forced Mako, a fellow member to leave beforehand from the organization.

The content creator was asked by several fans as to why the team didn’t approach directly to the organization for funding and other stuff, to which he replied that it came to a point where it became almost pathetic. Not only that, Froste called 100 Thieves a “100+ million dollar predatory organization”.

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What did Nadeshot say?

Hours after these claims were made, the founder and CEO of 100 Thieves Nadeshot decided to break the silence on his Twitch livestream earlier today. In an hour long stream, Nadeshot described about the division of expenses and monetary issues with the team claiming that the accusations made by Froste were all lies.

He further stated that the members of The Mob, after becoming a part of the 100 Thieves did not deliver content on time and were not streaming the number of hours they were supposed to stream. He even showed a tracker to the viewers explaining that Froste’s streaming hours were much less than his hours, considering he was in the position of a CEO.

“They [the content team] would go to the content house where The Mob was living, they’d get there an hour before the shoot and the place was an absolute mess, and the production team had to clean it up. They would be there for hours and hours later than they should have been because there just wasn’t there wasn’t any accountability. Nobody was uploading, nobody was making videos.”

Following the statements made the founder of 100 Thieves, content creator Froste stated that he (Nadeshot) was “lying is a*s off” and that he will further explain the situation once he goes back to his Twitch streaming.

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