New Avalanche X Suit in BGMI: How to get, price and more

X Suits are one of the most anticipated outfits of BGMI. As the new Avalanche Suit has been released, here are the details of the new outfit.

New Avalanche X-Suit in BGMI: How to get, price and more
New Avalanche X Suit available in BGMI

Avalanche X Suit in BGMI: Krafton has launched another anticipated X Suit in BGMI named ‘Avalanche X Suit’. The exclusive outfit is designed in such a way that it goes by the current winter theme of the battlegrounds. Here we take a look at the process of obtaining the outfit, its price and more necessary details.

X Suits remain one of the most coveted item in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile. These exclusive outfits are acutely designed by the developers and come in with a lot of special features which makes every player drool over it. At the same time, these outfits are way too expensive and only some famous streamers are seen spending a hefty amount of UC (Unknown Cash) to add a mythic touch to their inventory.

Krafton unveils new Avalanche X Suit in BGMI

New Avalanche X-Suit in BGMI: How to get, price and more
Avalanche X Suit

Avalanche X Suit in BGMI is available in a lucky spin which can be found above the events section of the game. As X Suits are rare items in the game, the spin will be available for a limited period of time only. Players can spend UC as well as silver fragments in order to claim the attractive outfit. Although, it is important to note that this is luck based event and players might have to shell out more UC.

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Apart from the Avalanche X Suit in BGMI, players can get these following items upon trying their luck at the spin:

  • Avalanche Parachute
  • Crystal Casket Backpack
  • Icy Victory
  • Star Fragments
  • Iced Drink
  • Arctic Hoverboard
  • Starforge Stone
  • Frost Graze- Crowbar

Players can also get other random mythic outfits in the Avalanche Lucky Spin. A total of four mythic outfits are present in the reward list:

  • Arctic Ruler Set
  • Frost Order Set
  • Infernal Ruler Set
  • Draconic Paladin Set


New Avalanche X-Suit in BGMI: How to get, price and more
Redemption Store

The spin can be drawn with 300 silver fragments where a maximum of 5 draws can be obtained. Upon successful 5 draws, players will be able to unlock the Avalanche X Suit spin where they can spend UC to obtain the outfit. A single draw costs 60 UC whereas 10 draws will cost 600 UC.

The Avalanche coins obtained from the spin can further be used in the redemption store where more rewards including the coveted X Suit can be obtained by acquiring 1000 Avalanche coins in BGMI.

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