New EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer showcases mixed gender teams for the first time

The new FC 24 gameplay showcases a step towards inclusivity.

New EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer showcases mixed gender teams for the first time

Image via EA

EA Sports FC 24 has just released an exhilarating gameplay trailer that has sent waves of excitement throughout the gaming community. The trailer showcases the highly anticipated features of the upcoming football game. However, it also introduces a groundbreaking addition that has never been seen before in the franchise: mixed gender teams.


In a significant step forward for inclusivity and representation, EA Sports FC 24 will allow players to assemble teams that consist of both male and female professional players. This means that gamers will now have the opportunity to compete with a diverse range of athletes on the same field. This new feature is set to break barriers and providing a more realistic and inclusive gaming experience.

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The inclusion of mixed gender teams is a testament to EA Sports’ commitment to embracing diversity and promoting equality within the gaming industry. By featuring male and female players side by side, the game not only reflects the real-world composition of many professional teams but also sends a powerful message about gender equality and the importance of inclusion in sports.


Everything showcased in EA FC24’s new gameplay trailer

New EA FC 24 gameplay trailer showcases mixed gender teams for the first time
Image via EA FC24

The groundbreaking addition comes on the heels of other notable features showcased in the gameplay trailer. One of the standout highlights is the expanded set of “Hypermotion V” animations. These animations aim to accurately capture the fluid and nuanced movements of athletes with unique body types. By incorporating these realistic animations, EA Sports FC24 seeks to provide players with a more immersive and authentic gameplay experience.

Ultimate Team mode, a fan-favorite game mode in the FIFA franchise, has also received exciting updates in EA Sports FC24. Players can look forward to the introduction of new Icons, legendary players from the past who can be added to their current rosters. This feature allows gamers to create dream teams that combine the talents of both historical and contemporary football stars.

Additionally, the game introduces “PlayStyles,” new traits that differentiate players’ skill sets. This adds further depth to the gameplay by allowing users to strategize. It allows players to build their teams based on the unique strengths and abilities of individual players.

The release date for EA Sports FC24 was also revealed during the livestream. Fans can mark their calendars for September 29, 2023, when the game is set to launch. This announcement has left gamers eagerly anticipating the chance to experience the thrilling gameplay, cutting-edge features, and the groundbreaking addition of mixed gender teams.


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