Valorant Abyssal Skin Bundle: Guns, Release Date, And Other Details

Valorant Abyssal Skin Bundle: Guns, Release Date, And Other Details

Valorant has been adding lots of skin bundles recently, and most of the bundle skins are exquisite. The most recent Soulstrife bundle has been a community favorite. However, a new Valorant leak hints towards a new skin bundle that might get released soon, called the Abyssal bundle.

Reputed Valorant leaker, ValorLeaks, took to Twitter to reveal a new skin bundle called the Abyssal Skin bundle. The bundle features 5 skins in total, including one knife skin.


This first look at the Abyssal skin gives the players a deep Valorant skin vibe. The skins are blue with pink highlights. The knife skin for this bundle will be a theme-colored Axe.

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All Details about Valorant’s Abyssal Skin Bundle

Valorant Abyssal Skin Collection
Credit: Twitter

The Abyssal skin bundle will have 4 gun skins, which include the Abyssal Guardian, the Abyssal Vandal, the Abyssal Sheriff, and the Abyssal Spectre. All their skins are stock and will not feature any variants or upgrades. Furthermore, the Abyssal bundle will be a deluxe bundle, and hence won’t cost a lot of money.


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The price for the entire bundle will be 5100 VP and every single skin will cost around 1275 VP. The cool axe will be available at 2550 VP. There will also be a player card available for 375 VP and a spray for 325 VP.

The Abyssal skin bundle will be launched alongside the Give Back Bundle, meaning there will be two bundles in the store. The give-back bundle will feature 4 of the most famous Valorant skins, including the Neptune Vandal, the Megepunk Spectre, the Forsaken Operator, and the Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost. There will also be a playercard and gun buddy with this bundle. The price for this bundle will be somewhere around 6800 VP.


Riot has kept the game alive with the regular addition of skins and the latest Abyssal bundle is expected to be released on 16th November 2022 after the 5.10 patch. The drop will follow the usual patch update with a new skin bundle. This new 5.10 patch will bring along a number of new features like the new Gamechanger home screen, a Cypher Buff, a new Real-Time Text Evaluation feature, and some other UI changes.

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