Watch: NYPD officer smashes a kid’s head through a car windshield during Kai Cenat-Union Square Park riot

Considering the huge amount of cops on the scene, one incident of police brutality has surfaces online.

Watch: NYPD officer smashes a kid’s head through a car windshield during Kai Cenat-Union Square Park riot

(credits: Kai Cenat)

New York is in an uproar right now after Kai Cenat’s failed giveaway event. On his channels, Kai Cenat has been promoting a “Huge Giveaway” in Union Square Park at 4 p.m. ET. The event promised to give away free PlayStation 5 and other gaming gear. However, what happened in the event was nowhere near anyone’s wildest expectations. The Kai Cenat giveaway event spiraled into a city-wide riot that mobilized authorities, too.


Considering how many skirmishes between streamers and authorities end as content for streams, the incident this time has spiraled a bit too much out of control. From the get-go, the behavior of fans and people surrounding the park was disruptive. Moreover, the crowd surrounding Kai Cenat in his van went wild, which slowly incited a full-blown riot. Furthermore, the scale of this riot was really big and caused problems for many, including charges pressed against Kai Cenat and other rioters.

With a video posted on Kai Cenat’s official YouTube channel, fans could discern the scale of the riot. Every new media outlet, from BBC to CNN and Reuters, has informed on the huge and dire situation caused by this riot. However, some news of police brutality has gone unnoticed once again.

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Cop smashes a kid’s head through a car windshield

Watch: NYPD officer smashes a kid's head through a car windshield during Kai Cenat-Union Square Park riot
(credits: @anunnamedpoet on Twitter)

The riot after Kai Cenat’s failed PlayStation 5 giveaway event has created chaos throughout New York City. Furthermore, as per reports, authorities mobilized around 1000 cops to get the situation under control. However, considering the rioters were not that disruptive, and most were especially kids, having so many troops on the ground was not the brightest idea.

Furthermore, a scene of excessive police brutality has come up, showing cops smashing a kid’s face into a car’s windshield. When inspecting the video close-up, some say the cop’s fist reached the windshield first. However, upon further inspection, the kid’s shoulder and face came into contact with the glass before the fist. The reason for this was right before the cops’ arrival; two other kids were trying to break the glass. Some believe the glass to have already been weakened before the smash-in. Nevertheless, the force used by the previous kids wasn’t strong enough to dent the glass.

However, the cops apprehended the wrong person. And the excessive force used during this apprehension has got the fans really on edge. Some have even compared this to the controversial “Black Lives Matter” moment. The fans’ reactions have been varied, some outright hilarious, while others hold concerns.

The riot has been subsidized now, and Kai Cenat has also been released from police custody. This incident was huge and went out of control beyond expectations. Kai Cenat and fans both had no idea how a giveaway event would turn into a riot. And talks of this incident will probably go on for days to come.


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