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Orangutan releases 5th Roster ‘No Lucario’ for Pokemon UNITE

Orangutan Gaming has unveiled its 5th esports roster and this is 'No Lucario' for Pokemon Unite!

Orangutan No Lucario

Orangutan, one of India’s top competitive esports teams, has added No Lucario as its 5th roster, allowing them to enter directly into the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2022, which will be taking place in London from the 18th to 21st of August.

The Pokemon Unite World Championship is the final event and the World Championship of the 2022 Unite Championship Series, with a prize pool of $500,000 USD. A total of 16 teams are invited to this tournament, namely No Lucario, Secret Ship, Renaissance, Eternity, Revenant Esports, and IX Gaming to name a few. These are some of the best teams throughout the year and have qualified for this event. The tournament winners will get a prize pool of $100,000 USD.

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No Lucario is the new roster for Orangutan Gaming

Pokemon Unite

No Lucario is the new team from Singapore and has played in the Asian Pacific qualifier. They have participated in the Asian Pacific Champions of the Pokemon Unite Asian Pacific Championship. Orangutan is seeking to expand its market internationally after the ban of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the Indian subcontinent.

The No Lucario roster consists of:

Bryan Khoo Chin How
Tay Leong Jie
Chuang Fu Yuan
Tang Khoon Seng
Devsen Putra Lie

Yash Bhanushali, Founder of Orangutan said “Pokemon as a word has immense nostalgic value, and the fact that we can have a team represent our country while celebrating our nation’s 75th year of Independence gives me a lot of pride.” 

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Orangutan will be joining the 4th game in competitive esports by adding Pokemon Unite. It has rosters in 3 mobile games: battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, Pokemon Unite, and a competitive team in the PC Game, Valorant. Orangutan looks forward to entering many more esports tournaments in the coming years.

About Orangutan

Orangutan is a multi-faceted organization operating in three verticals – Esports, Talent Management, and Apparel. Orangutan has four competitive esports teams in three games, with players from 5 different countries. Within just a year of its inception, Orangutan is a collective of passionate dreamers who are working towards the creation of not only an esports organization but a global brand. The talent management vertical has a diverse pool of content creators and influencers who will collaborate with their partnered brands to create, produce and promote unconventional content.

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