People elated over a voice line in Overwatch 2 which hints at xQc!

Blizzard gives a tribute to xQc in Overwatch 2 in their own special way. Read more here!

xQc talks about his experience after playing Overwatch 2 Beta
xQc Overwatch 2

xQc has been one of the most popular Overwatch players of all time to ever walk the face of the planet and it seems that Blizzard has its own way of thanking the juicer.

Fans of the streamer recently discovered an interaction voice line during the Overwatch 2 beta which definitely hints at Felix.

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Overwatch 2 voice line hints at xQc!

Overwatch is a hero based tactical shooter game developed by none other than Blizzard entertainment. The game also has an esports scene that was at its highest a few years ago.

overwatch 2
People elated over a voice line in Overwatch 2 which hints at xQc! 2

The second installment of the hero based shooter, called Overwatch 2 is also set to release later and it already has its Beta testing going on as we type.

In one of the numerous clips going around Reddit, the forum based website notorious for leaks and all sorts of interactions, one of the clips showed an interaction between Junkrat and Soldier 76.

In the clip, Junkrat can be heard saying “You look like a gentleman who ate his own toenails!” making Soldier as confused as anyone else would be.

“Why the hell would you say that to someone?” is Soldier’s response to which Junkrat replies, “Just looking for something we might have in common.”

xQc weird expression

The exchange, for those of you who couldn’t understand, was a direct reference to xQc chewing on his toenails in numerous different clips throughout his twitch broadcasts.

Fans of both the game and the juicer have been surprised by this small but sweet gesture by Blizzard and are now on the lookout for more and more such references that the devs may have added to the game!

xQc eating toenails
xQc eating his toenails. Gross!

The developers over at Blizzard had previously said that they would be adding new voice lines to the game in order to make the character interactions in the game feel more “alive”.

As the latest update for the beta gets released, people continue to search for new and more exciting things in the game but we doubt that anything will come as close to the xQc reference but hey, we’re keeping our hopes high.

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