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PewDiePie admits he “can’t be asked” with uploading on Youtube anymore

PewDiePie isnt much on youtube recently and well there might be quite the reason behind it.

PewDiePie admits he “can’t be asked” with uploading on Youtube anymore

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the creator of the popular YouTube channel PewDiePie, has addressed his recent statements on creative burnout, saying that he can no longer “be bothered” by the platform’s continual hustle. It’s been a long run for the most subscribed Youtuber on the website.

PewDiePie admits he “can’t be asked” with uploading on Youtube anymore 2

He has been creating content for the longest time on Youtube trying his best to upload it daily. While each one has their time to say goodbye or change, PewDiePie has had the longevity that many instead of craving have respect for. PewDiePie has seen and done it all when it comes to creating internet videos. With more than a decade of relentless effort on YouTube alone, the Swedish superstar is still the platform’s most popular individual producer

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Why does PewDiePie not feel it anymore on Youtube?

PewDiePie could be taking a break from YouTube soon

Keeping up with the current trends and putting in the effort has taken its toll, however. His burnout has caused him to take several long pauses in recent years. “I’m getting a little bored of it,” Pewds admitted in December.

He returned for a Skyrim stream on January 19 with a similar tone after a few weeks of relative peace to start the new year. He even went so far as to explain why he “[doesn’t] care” about the grind any longer.

You can watch the mentioned clip below:

PewDiePie addressed this issue early in his most recent stream. Despite his regular uploads in recent months, all of which have received millions of views, he’s now looking for “something different.”

Pewds promised to be “extremely efficient” with everything from thumbnail creation to editing to selecting the finest titles to stand out. He recently stated that he “can’t be bothered” to equal such effort.

“I feel like I need a new direction,” he told thousands of fans watching live. “I feel like I’m living in some weird void. What’s next? I have no idea. I need something new, but I don’t know what.”

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