PlayStation Stars Special: Play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from May 4th to July 1st and earn a limited-time digital collectible

PlayStation Stars Members can get a limited-time BD-1 Collectible since it's Star Wars Day!

PlayStation Stars Special: Play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from May 4th to July 1st and earn a limited-time digital collectible

EA Sports released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just last week on April 28th. The game was one of the most anticipated games in the Star Wars Jedi series. And sure enough, the game proved its hype by taking the No. 1 spot in sales all around the glove. Star Wars Jedi: Survivors has become the second biggest game lunch of the year. Looking upon the game’s success, platforms are also trying to piggies back on the hype created. Giving rewards and collectibles just by playing the game is surely a delight for gamers. There’s good news for Playstation Stars or PS Stars members. Playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor would grant them a limited edition collectible.

PlayStation’s official Twitter just tweeted, encouraging their PS Stars members to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. From 4th May to July 1st, just playing the game would give players a limited-time BD-1 digital collectible. Owning this reward is what would distinguish veterans from newbies. This collectible is a good way for PS Star members to boast to new players in the near future that they have been playing this game since its launch.


Why May the 4th, you ask? Well, May the 4th is the Star Wars Day! Star Wars Day is a fans-created festival celebrated on May 4 each year to honor the George Lucas-created Star Wars film series. Everyone remembers the phrase, “May the force be with you.” Star Wars celebration on the 4th of May is based on a pun made on this phrase, “May The Fourth Be With You.”

Despite the fact that Lucasfilm never invented nor proclaimed the holiday, many Star Wars fans all around the globe have decided to observe it. Since then, Lucasfilm and its parent company Disney have adopted it as a yearly Star Wars celebration. So this limited-time collectible is more precious considering the historical significance of the day. Grab the chance and win this collectible before it’s too late!

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What is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars Membership

PS Stars, also known as PlayStation Stars, is a free loyalty program that is compatible with both the PS5 and the PS4. It gives you the opportunity to earn PS Store credit, free games, and Digital Collectibles. If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, then you will earn extra Points depending on each purchase you make in the PlayStation Store.

Being a PS Stars member bores no cost, so gamers should subscribe to this membership. Moreover, PS Stars members are continuously rewarded just for playing games and getting in-game achievements. This is a good way to actually reward players for playing a game they were inevitably going to play anyways.

If you own Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we recommend you play it to claim the digital collectible reward. Right now, PlayStation 5 players can buy the game for a $10 discount on Amazon. Amazon is offering a $10 digital discount coupon on the PlayStation 5 physical copy of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you have yet to buy this game, it’s definitely the right time to buy it. Buy the game at a discounted price and receive a chance to claim a limited-time in-game collectible!


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