Pokimane bids adieu to streaming platform Twitch leaving fans to speculate about her next home 

Is Pokimane headed to Kick after announcing her farewell from the Twitch platform?

Pokimane bids adieu to streaming platform Twitch leaving fans to speculate about her next home 

Image via: Instagram/@pokimanelol

Pokimane is one of the biggest internet celebrities in the world of online streaming. She started broadcasting herself playing video games over a decade ago and has shown unprecedented growth ever since. She became famous for her League of Legends gameplay but eventually branched off to other video games such as Overwatch, GTA V and Among Us.


An interesting part about the streamer’s career is that she has always been loyal to the Twitch platform. Many streamers start off on Twitch and sign exclusive contracts with other platforms such as Kick, Mixer, or Facebook Gaming. Pokimane never swayed and stuck with the Amazon-owned platform for more than ten years. However, that is soon about to change.

Pokimane recently posted a photo of her having uninstalled the Twitch app from her phone. She further said that it was the end of an era. Pokimane mentioned that Twitch had been her home for more than a decade. She wanted to thank them for all the memories she made during her days of streaming League of Legends, Fortnite, and Among Us.

Is Pokimane joining Kick?

Pokimane’s tweet made it clear that the streamer is not quitting streaming entirely, but only the Twitch platform. She did not specify any reason for doing so either. This has left fans wondering where they will be able to catch their favourite streamer in the future. The first name that came to everybody’s mind was Kick.

Pokimane leaves Twitch
Image via: Twitch/@pokimane

The official Kick account on Twitter also replied to Pokimane’s original tweet. In reply, the account posted a black-and-white photo of a packet of Pokimane’s cookies, Myna Snacks. The photo featured a light green border around the packet in Kick’s classical marketing style. This post indicated that the platform was perhaps aiming to sign the female streamer.

Switching to Kick would also be quite a hypocritical move for the streamer. Pokimane has long expressed her concerns over online gambling and streaming such type of content on the internet. Her stance on this issue has pitched her against multiple famous streamers such as Adin Ross and xQc. Kick is backed by one of the biggest online gambling platforms in Stake.

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