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Pokimane claims to have booked tickets back to Canada over the insane overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling

Pokimane in a recent stream talked about making the move back North seeing to the recent happenings in the United States. Read more here!

Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites

Pokimane opened up about her thoughts on the Roe v Wade ruling being overturned and went on to express how frustrated she really was with the entire system.


She pointed out the existing flaws in the US such as the ever increasing gun violence and the overly expensive healthcare system that the country has.

Pokimane moving back to Canada?

Imane Anys, better known as her online persona name, Pokimane, is a Canadian national who currently lives in Southern California and is also one of the biggest streamers in the United States.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys

Poki is also the most followed streamer on the Amazon owned streaming platform, twitch, and also one of the biggest streamers that the platform hosts overall making her one of the biggest influencers on the website.

She was originally born in Morocco and then moved to Canada when she was four years old with her mother where she had been spending most of her life until she made the move to LA for her streaming career.

Pokimane might be moving back to Canada?

Even though the States have proven to be nice to Imane, the recent overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling which allowed women to have the right to abortion has made her frustrated enough to consider moving back to the North to her home.

In the wake of this situation, many streamers have made statements opposing the decision of the Supreme Court stating that people should have full control over what happens to their body.

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Imane is also one of the streamers who have indeed spoken out on the issue and she also pointed it out on her stream. “The Roe v Wade news is absolutely terrible,” she said. “I tweeted about it. I retweeted a couple things. I faved a couple things. It’s just tough, because what more can we even say at this point?

Pokimane making the move back to the Great White North?

She went on to talk about her frustration with the issue before moving on to different topics while simultaneously trying to lighten the mood on her stream.

Although it is still unclear if she was being serious, Pokimane might just have actually made plans to move back to her childhood home where she had grown up and started her streaming journey.

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