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Pokimane might be in trouble for this!

Pokimane always remains in the headlines of the streaming community and this time twitter has got some problems for her. Read article to know more.

All of this starts when Pokimane was usually streaming and during the stream she was just explaining to her users that how good it feels to be around cute little kids and babies. She was explaining to her viewers that how everytime she gets amazed by the cuteness of the little kids and their antiques.

What did Pokimane(Imane Anys) actually said?

All of this was going great and audience was really enjoying this and engaging with her, but then there was a anonymous chat in her chat box which is dark one and which predicted that after sometime Imane Anys will say that she would steal the kids because of their cuteness and literally after 10-15 seconds she did say that well ofcourse not that she will steal the kids but she said “I will snatch you all”.

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Pokimane might be in trouble for this! 2

We all know Pokimane didn’t had any bad or envious intentions over here but when a streamer is such a big and popular star and millions of people watching their streams they are expected to maintain a little decency in what type of words they use while explaining something to their users..

What you think about this Pokimane incident, let us know about it in the comments.

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