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Pokimane is almost hit by the bike on the road: ‘That’s it, I’m dead!’

Pokimane talks about when she was almost hit by the bike when she out side of the building. Know about the whole situation in the article!

Pokimane is almost hit by the bike on the road

The popular streamer on Twitch Imane “Pokimane” is almost hit by a bike on the road. She talked with her fans and share the whole story, the streamer takes the help of paint to explain the whole situation.

The co-founder of OfflineTV thinks if she tells the story, her fans won’t believe her. But she continue telling the incident and said “So we have another crazy bike swerving incident and I’m like, ‘That’s it, I’m dead!'”

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Pokimane almost hit by the fan with bike

Pokimane almost hit by the fan with a bike

On July 3, Pokimane, as usual, started broadcasting by interacting with her fans and she decides to tell the story of which almost hit by a bike while she standing outside of the building.

“I’m waiting outside of a building. There’s a guy who is on his bike on the street parallel to me.”. After she opened Microsoft paint to explain the whole situation with paint how she was safe from the bike.

“Let’s say like this, this is me. Hello, I’m Pokimane. And this man is riding a bike. Bro, how do you ride a bike? He’s on a bike, okay? He’s on a bike and he starts turning this way (making an arrow in a counter-clockwise direction) on the street. Right?”

The Canadian streamer continued by explaining the situation “But then he can’t really control his turn. He starts going directly at me. I’m like, ‘B*tch, I’m going to die! This is it, ya’ll. I’m dead.'”

Furthermore, the streamer tells that he hit the curb on the street and made a backflip in front of her, and landed on the dirt pit: “However, on this street, this is a little curb… So once he is here at the curb, swerving into me, he hits the curb and does a front flip in front of me. There’s also a little tree here in between us, so, he on his bike, swerves right into me from the other side of the street, does a front flip into the dirt on the tree, on the sidewalk. I was sat there like… ‘RIP Bozo, no!'”

However, Pokimane asked the biker whether he is fine or if he need some help she can do it. The biker responded and said, he is fine and claimed that his ego was more hurt than he is.

But in the last, he recognized Pokimane and said “Also, you’re Pokimane, right?”

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