Pokimane is the best Valorant streamer on Twitch, according to Sykkuno

Pokimane is the best Valorant streamer on Twitch, according to Sykkuno

Sykkuno, a Twitch celebrity, described why he voted for Pokimane as the finest Valorous Twitch livestream, citing how much she actually enjoys the game. The Streamer Awards 2022 are fast approaching, with an in-person show scheduled for Sunday, March 13.

Fans can vote for their favourite streamer in each of the 27 categories offered on the event’s website prior to the show. When voting for Best Valorous Streamer, streamer Sykkuno stated why Pokimane was the clear choice.


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Sykkuno on why Pokimane is the best Valorant streamer

The Las Vegas-based streamer chose Pokimane as the best Valorant streamer, coming ahead of other options like QuarterJade, Punz, and iitzTimmy.

While Sykkuno did admit he was prioritizing choosing friends over who was the actual best, he did elaborate on why Poki was the clear-cut winner in this category.

"I am already a millionaire" Pokimane said
“I am already a millionaire” Pokimane said

“I’m gonna give it to Poki, and here’s why. I give it to Poki because she’s one of the few people that I see legit just solo Valorant and talk to randoms all day.”

“She basically just plays it solo, and QuarterJade typically does it in a group, which is OK; I also always play in a group,” he explained. But I have the impression that Poki enjoys the game.”


Pokimane’s devotion to Valorant has been well documented, with her claiming that her addiction to the first-person shooter led to her attaining Immortal status.


Valorant has been one of her most streamed games on Twitch since its release almost two years ago, despite the fact that she’s been weary by it in the past.

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