“Thank you for the amazing suggestion”: Pokimane lambasts Corinna Kopf after the latter accused her of promoting gambling

After Corrina Kopf accused Pokimane of promoting gambling streams, the Twitch star hit back at her sarcastically commenting whether she needs a job.

Pokimane and Corrina Kopf hit back at each other!
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Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is making headlines after fellow streamer Corinna Kopf accused her of promoting gambling streams in one of her old Twitch livestream sessions. Imane, however hit back at her sarcastically asking her whether she would like to join her YouTube editing team.

Gambling streams became a hot debate following the ItsSliker controversy, leaving streamers divided about whether it should be banned or not. Pokimane had a stern opinion that the slots category should be banned but Corinna Kopf made a surprising accusation against her.

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Pokimane blasts Corrina Kopf for accusing her of promoting crypto gambling websites

"Thank you for the amazing suggestion": Pokimane lambasts Corrina Kopf after the latter accused her of promoting gambling
Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys

Pokimane, who took active charge during the mass campaign of streamers going against Twitch for banning gambling, expressed her elation that the efforts have finally paid off as the platform is going to place ban on such streams from October 18th.

This came after a huge feud between streamers who had varied opinions on whether Twitch should ban gambling or not. On the flip side, Corinna Kopf, known by her online moniker ‘Pouty Girl’, posted a screenshot of Pokimane sitting in her streaming room. She claimed that Imane was promoting gambling during this stream.

The streamer took to Twitch for hosting a livestream session and addressing the accusation made by Corinna Kopf. As Corrina had asked her to delete the stream as it shows her promoting gambling, Imane hit back at her sarcastically-

"Wow! Thank you for the amazing suggestion. Now that you've lost your job of promoting illegal crypto gambling websites, would you like to join my YouTube editing team? Is that what you're asking for."

Pokimane made a serious allegation on her claiming that she might have lost her job of promoting crypto gambling websites as Twitch is going to place a ban on such streams. She further explained that in the old clip, she had actually opened a friend’s livestream.

"It was my friend doing that and I was surprised. I was like Oh what are they doing."

Responding to this statement, Corinna Kopf took to Twitter again to talk about the accusation made against her. She claimed that she had a lot to say, but could not since Twitch might ban her if she speaks further. This was a jab at Pokimane’s popularity on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, and the entire controversy that took place with JiDion back in January this year.

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How did fans react?

Fans of the Twitch streamer were quite shocked to see her and Corinna Kopf hitting out at each other by making some serious accusations. On the other hand, some viewers claimed that they should have a wrestling match to settle the duel.

Imane has an active fanbase with over 9 million followers on Twitch and while it is true that she said she’ll be streaming less, she stays updated about all the updates going on surrounding the platform.

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