“Not a broke boy Black Friday sales,” Pokimane mocks haters once again over the ongoing Myna Cookies price controversy

Despite apologizing for her past "Broke Boys" comment, Pokimane again uses the same to troll her haters over recent controversies with Myna Cookies

“Not a broke boy Black Friday sales,” Pokimane mocks haters once again over the ongoing Myna Cookies price controversy

Image via: Instagram/pokimanelol

Pokimane recently launched her own snack company, Myna Snacks. The company sells vitamin-D-infused products that she claims are healthy, made from non-GMO ingredients, and infused with vitamin D. However, ever since she started this company, she has been the target of a lot of backlash and controversy.


Initially, internet users claimed that she was re-branding an already-available product. Pokimane refuted these claims and confirmed that she had created a brand-new product. People then started saying that her cookies were too pricey and that a $28 price point for a bundle was unjustified.

Pokimane’s reply this time was not as classy. She called people idiots for being unable to do the math that the bundle includes four different packets of cookies. Additionally, she went on to call people who were complaining “broke boys.” After receiving much backlash for this comment, she apologized for her remarks.

Still, the controversy is showing no signs of stopping. Recently, Pokimane was interacting with her fans on stream. A viewer asked how the cookies were doing, to which she replied positively. Furthermore, she teased a special offer related to the cookies.


Pokimane refuses a Black Friday Sale and calls her fans “broke boys” again

Black Friday is just around the corner on November 24th. The day is usually accompanied by heavy discounts and sales on several products over the weekend. Upon hearing about the special offer, fans asked her in chat about a Black Friday sale. Pokimane chuckled at the question and denied any such deal in the future.

Pokimane Black Friday Sale
Pokimane talking about the offer on Myna Cookies (Image via Twitch/@pokimane)

She further said the company would not do a “Broke Boy Black Friday sale.” Instead, she revealed that the offer was a free hat that would be given away to customers. People who purchase a pack of eight or twelve cookies will receive a free hat along with their order. She added that the hat was adorable.

It is not a broke boy’s Black Friday sale. If you buy a pack of eight or twelve, you get a free hat. It’s really cute. I have one. In case anyone was interested.”


Her comment has once again landed her in some hot water. She had apologized for calling people “broke boys” and admitting that the comment was insensitive. Despite that, she repeated the same remark and did not seem too bothered. This has led fans to believe she is not sorry about her earlier remark and is insensitive to the fans who made her who she is.

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