Pokimane’s net worth in 2024: How rich is the Moroccan-Canadian?

All you need to know about Pokimane and her net worth, earnings, and more in 2024

Pokimane’s net worth in 2024: How rich is the Moroccan-Canadian?

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is a Moroccan-Canadian internet Personality. She is mostly known for her Twitch streams and YouTube videos. She was formerly part of OfflineTV, a group of Social Media Stars. Poki is one of the first streamers who became famous in the Just Chatting category of Twitch.


Pokimane is also hailed among the first female streamers to break into the mostly male-dominated field of streaming. She plays multiple games such as Valorant, Fortnite, etc. Imane is also quite popular for her ASMR videos. Most ASMR streamer boasts about the thirst strap of the audience, however, Pokimane has claimed her ASMR videos help people to relax and are not at all sexual.

Pokimane Net Worth

Moroccan-Canadian streamer has an estimated net worth of about $27 million in 2024. Her net worth has jumped from $21 million to $27 million from last year. Imane has multiple sources of income such as promotions, sponsors, brand endorsements, and revenue from Twitch and YouTube. In 2023, she added a new source of income with her new ‘Myna’ cookies.

According to CA Knowledge, she has an annual income of around $ 5 million from her YouTube Channel and $ 4 million from Twitch. Her YouTube channel earns her $384  –  $6.1K every month. In addition to that, Poki also has her own talent management company, RTS.gg.


Contracts and Salary

Pokimane signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Twitch on 8 February 2022. However, she hasn’t revealed any details about her contract. Many fans were speculating that she would ride the Kick wave and switch there however she remained loyal to Twitch.

Pokimane contract
Image via Pokimane/Twitch

Cars and watch collection

Pokimane owns multiple luxurious cars which include Jaguar I-Pace worth $150,000, Porsche Cayenne worth $ 260,000, and Audi Q2 which is worth around $80,000. She recently added a new Mercedes-Benz G-Class worth $370,000 to her car collection. Poki also is quite fond of watches and has a beautiful collections. She owns a Louis Vuitton ($90,000), Breitling($45,000), Bremont($19,000), Tiffany & Co. ($15,000).

Pokimane cars
Image via Pokimane/X

Awards and honours

From 2018 to 2020, Pokimane has been nominated for several awards and won some as well. She was part of famous award shows like Esports Awards, Canadian Game Awards, Streamy Awards, and Shorty Awards. Among all of this, the most memorable award for Imane was the 10th Shorty Awards in 2018 where she won the award for Twitch Streamer of the Year. Poki was also nominated in 2 categories in The Streamer Awards 2022; Best Valorant Streamer and Legacy Award. She managed to bag the latter award

Pokimane awards
Image via Pokimane/Streamer Awards

Pokimane’s Youtube Channel

Anys joined YouTube on 23 Mar 2014 and started posting her videos. Now she has 6.61M subscribers with a total of 413,188,279 views. She posts her gameplay videos, reaction videos, and occasionally vlogs and real-life videos as well.

Pokimane YouTube
Image via Pokimane/YouTube

Pokimane’s Twitch Channel

Pokimane live streams almost every day on her Twitch Channel. She got 9.3M followers on her Twitch channel. Imane has an average of 8000 viewers every stream. She currently has 1,746 active subs with 1255 Tier 1, 4 Tier 2, 16 Tier 3 and the remaining 325 prime subs.

Poki's twitch
Image via Pokimane/Twitch

Other ventures

In October 2019, it was announced that Anys, among several other internet personalities, will appear in the film Free Guy, directed by Shawn Levy. Imane played herself. She was also feature in multiple music videos. As mentioned earlier, Poki is also helped launching a talent management and brand consulting organization, RTS.gg. She is acting as the Chief Creative Officer there.

The latest addition to this venture is her new Myna snack cookies. She faced a lot backlash for her cookies as one four-pack costs $28. She answered all these criticism and called haters broke and idiots”. In addition to that, She also started her own podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone” which is available on Spotify, Apple music and other podcast platforms

Myna Cookies
Image via Pokimane/X

Streaming Setup

On her Twitch streams she uses-

  • Monitor: LG Ultragear 27GL850-B
  • Keyboard: Wooting 60HE
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire Dart
  • Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha
  • Gaming chair: Herman Miller Aeron
  • Webcam: Sony Alpha A6400
  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

Some FAQs about the streamer

  • Is Pokimane single?

She has said she is single on multiple occasions. But on a recent stream, she was found talking to someone very affectionately.

  • Is Pokimane a Millionaire?

Yes. Combining all of her income sources makes her a millionaire.

  • Is Pokimane the richest streamer?

No, maybe she is one of the richest streamers ever but there are many more streamers like xQc and Ninja who are richer than Imane.

  • What is Pokimane’s Net Worth?

As of now, Pokimane’s net worth is more than $27 million.

  • What is Pokimane’s height?

Poki confirmed her height in one of her Facebook posts, She is around 5 ft 4 inches tall.

  • What is Pokimane’s Weight?

Poki weighs around 55 kilograms which is 121.254lbs.

  • Does Pokimane have a kid?

No, Imane does not have a kid, But she has a multiple pet and cats.

  • Does Pokimane have a brother?

Yes, Imane does have a brother but he is not active anywhere on social media.

  • Does Pokimane have a sister?

No, Pokimane does not have a sister.

  • Is Pokimane Korean?

No, Pokimane is Moroccan-Canadian.

  • Is Pokimane French?

Pokimane is Moroccan-Canadian, but she can speak French.

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