Pokimane reveals reason to move on from Twitch, blames ‘prepubescent little boys and manosphere red pill bulls**t’

Pokimane blames red-pill content creators and toxic masculinity for her leaving the Twitch platform.

Pokimane reveals reason to move on from Twitch, blames ‘prepubescent little boys and manosphere red pill bulls**t’

Image via: Instagram/@pokimanelol

Pokimane has remained the face of Twitch for nearly a decade after signing multiple exclusivity deals with the platform. She started broadcasting herself playing video games over a decade ago and has shown unprecedented growth ever since. Interestingly, Pokimane has also stuck to Twitch for nearly her entire streaming career.


However, Pokimane recently announced that she was parting ways with Twitch and would not re-sign an exclusivity deal. She provided no reason for her departure and did not announce where she would go next.

This left fans wondering about the streamer’s future. However, Pokimane has finally announced her plans for the future and her reason for leaving Twitch.

In a recent episode of her podcast, ‘Don’t Tell Anyone with Pokimane,’ she discussed the situation and clarified it for fans. Pokimane said she would experiment with streaming on multiple platforms, starting with her first stream on YouTube


She would also move on to platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It would not be surprising to see Pokimane livestream on the X platform after Elon Musk’s new livestream monetization policies either.

Pokimane upset with the state of the Twitch community

Pokimane asked her audience whether they thought the Twitch community had regressed in the past few years. She said that the platform had seen the rise of ‘manosphere red pill bullsh*t’.

Pokimane leaves Twitch
Image via: Twitch/@pokimane

She felt that such an atmosphere flourished as the male-dominated live-streaming environment grew on the platform.

Pokimane said she isn’t surprised because the online demographic skews males the most. Hence, the ‘manosphere’ stuff performs better here.


She further said that her audience was already aware of who and what kind of content she was talking about. Furthermore, she mentioned that bigotry and sh*t-spewing were widespread for typical male creators. It became hard for her to exist in that space.

For the last couple of years, is it just me or, yeah, do you guys also feel like it has regressed a lot? And especially with the rise of so much manosphere red pill bullsh*t, I feel like that stuff has flourished within the male-dominated livestreaming sphere of things.
Pokimane said during livestream

Pokimane ended by saying that the Twitch community was not the sole representation of gaming to her. This statement was clear after visiting other platforms, such as YouTube, where there are tons of amazing Let’s Plays and other livestreamers.

Even TikTok has many “cute, cosy gaming content or other gaming content.” Lastly, she mentioned that many people have interests similar to hers but are not all on Twitch.

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