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“My life becomes a living hell”: Pokimane reveals she wears ‘fake teeth’ while explaining her health condition

On her latest YouTube upload, Imane 'Pokimane' Anys talked about her persistent health condition which had made her life like a living hell.

Pokimane discusses her health condition

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys came back to her full time streaming life but now she streams comparatively less as she is trying to focus on other things as well. Earlier today, she discussed the changes she is making on her life while providing an update on her health condition.


The Twitch sensation was one of the key figures when the ‘ban gambling’ drama started on Twitch. The controversy even led her to have a feud with Corrina Kopf but she refused to speak further on this matter.

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Pokimane explains her health condition to her fans

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys

Pokimane now seems to be more focused on her real life as she stated during her comeback that she does not feel like being a part of this rat race on the streaming platform where content creation seems to be the sole focus of the streamers.

As a month has passed since she came back, fans have started to feel the changes that the streamer has adopted on her life. Explaining the reason for her break, her decision to change places, Pokimane has now given an update on her health which she had previously mentioned during a live stream.

Many of her fans might already be aware of the fact that the streamer suffers from Tinnitus, a condition where one experiences ringing in one’s ears. Imane had also stated that she had to visit an orthodontist to fix her jaw and fix the condition.

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She has now provided more details on her health condition as fans seemed to be quite worried about the streamer. On her latest upload on YouTube, Pokimane explained that she has been facing this issue over a month and had to visit several doctors to get the right medication.

“I heard ringing all the time. I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t do much of anything. I was so down, I had no appetite. I felt like utter doo-doo. My life was flipped upside down.”

Moving further, she stated that even visiting two doctors was of little help to her as her life became a ‘living hell’ for taking two medications at the same time. She later decided to stop the treatment and visit a TMJ specialist as she found out her TMJ joint was hurting.

“He pointed out a bunch of issues that I have with my jaw and whatever the heck, and he’s like, This could be the cause. Regardless, we can help you to kind of like, bring your jaw and your teeth into a position that is good for your breathing and your general day-to-day activities.”

The doctor then prescribed her to wear fake teeth which she revealed that she still has to wear. Pokimane had shared a picture of the machine that was put around her face to align her jaw, but she claimed that her face still hurts.

Fans react on Pokimane’s update

YouTube comments

Fans were quite emotional to see how Pokimane grew as a content creator and discussed that it it quite important to prioritize their own health than being a part of the rat race. Several content creators and fans came in support of her, asking her to take care of her health.

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