Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites: “legally ambiguous and morally corrupt”

Pokimane talks about gambling streamers on crypto websites and their impact on the community read the full article

Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites
Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites

The Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” shares her thoughts on ongoing many Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites. Once again, the gambling trend is back on the streaming platform and many streamers like xQc seem very addicted to it and on this, Poki shared her thoughts on this by a tweet.

Streamers like Trainwreck, xQc, and Adin Rose are some top who broadcast gambling streams on Twitch which has become the trend on Amazon-owned platforms. For the past few its a debating topic within the community, and it will automatically influence the thousand of viewers who are watching their streamer playing the gambling game to make the thousands more by spending less.

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Pokimane talks about the impact of gambling streams on crypto website

Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites
Pokimane podcast with xQc

The Canadian streamer recently talked about the issue which is going on in the community for the past few years and share her thoughts on it, it’s not just a debate topic for streamers it’s also for the fans who out there watching their favorite streamer who are gambling on stream.

Poki from her Twitter account, become vocal about the gambling streamers on crypto websites, she stated that and called the gambling streams “legally ambiguous and morally corrupt” she also targeted streamers who are still doing the gambling streams on Twitch.

In her tweet streamer wrote that “imo twitch shouldn’t allow gambling streams on crypto websites at all, and I think even those who do it would agree lol there are plenty of ways to do similar content (poker tourneys, slots/rng in games) that aren’t as legally ambiguous and morally corrupt.”

She thinks that Twitch should ban gambling streams as well as promote the nongambling type with similar content. On this topic, xQc is also going through some controversy because of this and his fans also call out that he is wasting our mine on gambling.

In the response to the Poki tweet a fan share his thought also and said: “@imane Gambling, in general, should be banned on Twitch, it’s not just a game, it’s an addiction, it has destroyed so many lives because the bank always wins in the end.”

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