Popular Call Of Duty streamer Nickmercs signs 1-year non-exclusive streaming deal worth $10,000,000 with Kick

The Call of Duty giant has signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Kick!

Popular Call Of Duty streamer Nickmercs signs 1-year non-exclusive streaming deal worth $10,000,000 with Kick

Image via: Instagram/@nickmercs & Kick

Nickmercs has been confirmed to be the latest addition to the platform known as Kick. Nick Kolcheff, popularly known as Nickmercs, is one of the planet’s biggest Call of Duty streamers. Nickmercs started streaming on Justin.tv, the predecessor to Twitch. He has built a fanbase around his bombastic personality and aggressive style. The streamer even landed an eight-figure deal exclusivity deal with Twitch in 2020.


Since Kick was founded last December, they have made quite a name for themselves by signing some of the biggest talents in the world. Former Overwatch pro xQc signed with Kick for a deal worth $100 million. The platform has also acquired huge names such as Amouranth, Ice Poseidon and even the biggest chess streamer GMHikaru.

Nickmercs is also the co-owner of the esports giant FaZe in 2019. Unfortunately, his shares have lost most of their value as the company now publicly trades for around 20 cents. He is one of the highest-paid gamers in the world, being featured on Forbes’ annual list of the internet’s top creators. He is sponsored by huge companies such as Under Armour, UFC and Beats by Dre. His YouTube channel also has over four million subscribers.

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Nickmercs signs with Kick for $10,000,000

Nickmercs’ deal with Kick is supposedly worth over 10 million dollars. The interesting part about these contracts is that Kick offers non-exclusive contracts to their talent, unlike other platforms. This allows streamers signed with Kick to be still able to stream on other platforms, such as Twitch. The deal lasts for at least a year. Despite having the flexibility to stream on both platforms, most of Nick’s streams will now be on Kick, with the first being on October 23, right after the MFAM Central event in Vegas.

Nickmercs Kick
Image via: Instagram/@Nickmercs

The popular streamer further said, “Building a community is everything I’ve ever wanted to do. By expanding on Kick.com, I’ll be able to reach new audiences and welcome even more fans into the MFAM. We will compete on big stages, host big events, and share new content in new ways. This is a major move for me, and I can’t wait to share this new experience with the community. It’s all for them.”

Over the years, fans have seen many streaming platforms such as Facebook Gaming and Rumble, try to gain space in the gaming sector. However, Twitch and YouTube Gaming are the only ones that have prevailed after all this time. Kick seems to be the latest in the bunch. The gaming community has often questioned Kick about their non-exclusive multi-million dollar contracts. While there is a lot of controversy around this, it seems to be working well so far for the nascent platform.

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