Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Amouranth postpones boxing debut due to alarming medical issue

Amouranth took it to Twitter to address her medical problem

Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Amouranth postpones boxing debut due to alarming medical issue

People are talking about Amouranth’s withdrawal from an anticipated boxing contest due to health issues. Amouranth’s fans are concerned about her well-being. She was set to debut in boxing on July 1st at Ibai Llanos’ event. Unfortunately, however, just days before this exciting event, she disclosed some alarming news about her health via a post on the social networking site Twitter.

Saying that she doesn’t like to talk about personal health issues in public, Amouranth crafted a big Twitter thread addressing her medical condition. She revealed that she has late-stage ovarian Failure and was informed earlier this year.

I tend to keep my medical stuff private, and I would have kept my current situation out of the public eye but I feel like I owe you all an explanation on account of a few canceled high-profile appearances. I was informed in March that I have late-stage ovarian failure.

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Amouranth will be undergoing medical treatment and won’t participate in the boxing match

Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Amouranth backs out of Boxing debut due to alarming medical issue

Aware of the risks, Amouranth made the difficult decision not to participate in the La Velada De Ano boxing event hosted by Ibai Llanos. Amouranth was all set to box Twitch streamer Mayichi. However, she informed fans that she will be undergoing a tough medical treatment which will result in multiple side effects. Due to this, she is warned to engage in any type of high-impact physical activity.

“I will be undergoing daily injections for 7-14 days during which I will (potentially) suffer from headaches, nausea and aches, which would be no big deal, and was also warned against “high impact physical activities”.

She humbly apologized for any disappointment experienced by her supporters.

“I had hoped to just box through the symptoms, as I could handle little nausea or some headaches, but my medical team strenuously vetoed that decision due to the “potential for extreme injury or death” related to a heightened chance of my ovaries torsion/twisting while undergoing the treatment and doing extreme physical activity. I regretfully have to drop out of La Velada at the last minute. I’m incredibly upset about this, and I’m sorry to anyone I’ve let down.”.

Despite a setback, Amouranth remains optimistic about healing completely soon. She’s interested in returning to boxing next year if her treatment progresses well. Let’s send our best wishes and support to Amouranth as she recovers and stays determined.

Fans Extend their support to Amouranth

Taking care of one’s health is crucial, and Amouranth sets an example by prioritizing herself. With wide recognition on social media, accompanied by tons of admirers, she confidently upholds this considerable responsibility by choosing herself first. Her openness about personal struggles inspires others to find positive mind-body balance.

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