“All this s**t is going to be on Kai” Popular YouTuber JiDion believes “thugs’ took advantage of the situation during Kai Cenat NYC giveaway

JiDion gives his take on the riot that broke out after Kai Cenat's failed giveaway event, slamming all the rioters for their behavior.

“All this s**t is going to be on Kai” Popular YouTuber JiDion believes “thugs’ took advantage of the situation during Kai Cenat NYC giveaway

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The streamers’ community is in an uproar right now. Dramas and controversies are an everyday occurrence in the community. However, fans can say that this time’s incident is the biggest one yet. Kai Cenat hosted a PlayStation 5 giveaway event that failed and turned into a riot, plunging the whole of New York City into chaos. And a riot of this huge scale has got many famous YouTubers & streamers giving their take on it. Furthermore, the famous YouTuber JiDion’s take on this is quite aggressive.


Recently, HasanAbi, the famous Twitch streamer, gave his take on this incident. He said the event didn’t seem that out of control to mobilize such a huge police force. However, xQc soon slammed the streamer over his supposed ridiculous remark. Moreover, even Adin Ross, who’s Kai Cenat’s good friend, supported his arrest after inciting the incident. Although that was more of a satirical take from Adin Ross,

Moreover, Kai Cenat’s team releasing a video of the riot on their official YouTube channel gave fans and YouTubers a deeper gist of the riot. And not every YouTuber or streamer has a satirical or hilarious outlook on this incident. Some famous YouTubers have a hostile take on this riot incited by Kai Cenat. And JiDion has gone beyond just a hostile or aggressive take. Although the target of his rage wasn’t Kai, it was the crowd that joined in.

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JiDion’s slamming people who joined Kai Cenat’s controversial failed giveaway event and labeling them “thugs”

"All this s**t is going to be on Kai" Popular YouTuber Jidion believes "thugs' took advantage of situation during Kai Cenat NYC giveaway riot

JiDion, while watching the CBS report on the New York riot caused after Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway failed, got a bit aggressive. Furthermore, he saw the scale of the riot and those participating in it and lashed out. The primary target of his anger was the people who supposedly took advantage of this stage and turned it into a riot. Furthermore, this riot even resulted in a scene of cop brutality where a cop smashed a kid’s face into a car’s windshield.

Moreover, the YouTuber and streamer mentioned how “thugs” took advantage of this situation. JiDion said,

“You know the crazy thing about it, though? You’ve got f**king thugs, like, straight-up thugs that have taken advantage of the situation, bro. You think, like – I’m going to keep it a buck – you think all these people give a s**t about Kai? Like, really? Do you honestly think all these people give a f**k about Kai and are actually trying to meet him? No! Not at all!”

However, that wasn’t all. JiDion mentioned how group mentality played a dire role in escalating this riot. He said,

Probably, like, a third of these people, is the f**king… it’s the group mentality. ‘Oh, everybody is doing this, so I’m going to go and do it.’ ‘Oh, now I see everyone destroying the property, so now, I’m going to destroy the property, bro.

He also mentioned how half of the people participating don’t even know who Kai is. He said,


“Now, all this s**t is going to be on Kai. I promise you. Bro, probably some of these n****s don’t know who Kai is. But, they’re just seeing everybody outside and is like, ‘Oh, I want to hop into it!’ Now, all the blame is going to go on him, and it sucks to say man, but, like, it has to be done. It has to be done!”

And JiDion even praised Kai Cenat. He expressed how Kai hadn’t wanted any of this to happen. He also reminisced about how Kai had collaborated with Lil Uzi Vert to make a music video. Even that video required the rapper and streamer to be on the road, and there wasn’t any incident of this scale during that time. He said,

“He probably thought it was going to be the Uzi situation. You know? Like, they’ve done this before when Uzi went down to the road and they made the music video. I promise you that’s what Kai was thinking. He thought he was going to be in the Uzi situation. It would just be a fun, little meetup. That’s it! But, n****s took it too far. And now, he has to deal with a whole bunch of s**t.”

And fans all have agreed with JiDion’s take. Not only did the Twitch-banned streamer say all that was valid, but he also supported Kai. Although Kai Cenat has been released from police custody following his arrest from the riot, the charges are still sticking. Whether the streamer would face a court trial or not, fans are unsure right now.

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