Popular YouTuber PewDiePie abruptly banned on Twitch

Twitch Banned PewDiePie out of nowhere

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie abruptly banned on Twitch


Popular Swedish YouTuber and content creator PewDiePie was abruptly banned on Twitch. Although the content creator was more focused on his YouTube channel, the ban on Twitch was very sudden and mysterious.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was the most subscribed Youtuber previously before being dethroned by MrBeast earlier in 2023. He rose to fame due to his “Let’s Game” videos and comedic skits, which amassed him a massive following of over 111 million subscribers on YouTube. The YouTuber had not streamed on the Amazon-owned streaming platform for years until his account started an “Infinity Stream” in March 2023. The “Infinity Stream” was a playback of all his pre-recorded content and clips from YouTube and Twitch itself. The broadcast even streamed Trailer Park Boys, which is a Canadian comedy series.

Fans thought that PewDiePie’s Twitch account had been hacked at first as the YouTuber never once showed himself during the Infinity Stream. However, it was later revealed that CoPilotMedia had taken over his channel and turned it into an endless rebroadcast cycling through his old content. Although the stream had a strong viewership of 2000 plus viewers when it began in March, the numbers had dipped to around 400 when the account was banned on May 9th.

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PewDiePie banned on Twitch, fans speculate

Pewdiepie banned on Twitch, fans speculate

On May 9th, Streamerbans posted a tweet announcing that PewDiePie’s channel had been banned on Twitch. This ban was very abrupt and mysterious as no explanations were given. Fans began to speculate what could have happened for PewDiePie to receive his first Twitch ban.

PewDiePie’s Twitch account had been inactive for years until the start of the “Infinity Stream” on his page by CoPilotMedia in March 2023. The broadcast was streaming all of his old content from YouTube as well as Twitch before his ban. Although no actual reason has been revealed for the ban, fans began to speculate that old inappropriate videos of his had resurfaced causing the ban. Some even pointed to an old clip of his, where he had used a racial slur while streaming PUBG, referring to it as the “bridge video”.

With his first baby on the way, it is hard to say whether PewDiePie will respond to this matter or not. However, fans believe that this does not affect the YouTube star as he was never really focused on the Amazon-owned streaming platform in the first place.

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