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New State Mobile May update (v0.9.32): Release date, new features and more

Krafton has announced the release date of New State Mobile May update. This article talks about the new features of the upcoming patch.

New State Mobile May update

New State Mobile, the rebranded name for PUBG New State is all set to get its new update for the current month. The previous update released approximately 4 weeks ago had brought a lot of new elements to the game as well as a new mode due to the collaboration with popular strategy game, Among Us.

Players can now look forward to the New State Mobile May update as Krafton has released the maintenance schedule notice providing us with the release date as well as patch notes that provides us an insight to the upcoming features of the modern battle-royale game.

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New State Mobile May update release date

As per the maintenance schedule, players will be able to enjoy the new content in New State Mobile for his month on 19th May. The game will be taken down for maintenance for a few hours, then, players can download the patch and resources from Google Play Store as well as App Store.

The official notice reads as,

"The Battlegrounds will be closed for maintenance on May. 19 as we get everything prepared for this month's update. Look forward to a new content and other improvements with this update! Maintenance Schedule: May. 19,  00:00 - 06:00 (UTC+0)"
PUBG New State patch notes for v0.9.32 update

The update time for v0.9.32 has not been announced but players will be notified regarding it soon. They can expect to receive the patch as soon as the maintenance ends, however, some devices might get the update on a later time.

Patch notes

New Round Deathmatch map: Underbridge

Underbridge map

The first attraction of New State Mobile May update is the new RDM map called Underbridge. Compared to the other maps, Underbridge has a wide playing area which will increase the usage of DMRs. The water body present at the middle also decreases movement of the players.

Deathmatch progression

Deathmatch progress

Starting from the v0.9.32 update, players will be able to increase their combat level by playing matches in deathmatch mode. Stats recorded during matches such as defeats or kills will help to increase the combat level. This will reward the players to get new customization kits in deathmatches.

New Weapon

A new DMR, M110A1 has been added that will use the 7.62 mm ammunition. This weapon boasts of the highest bullet speed among all the DMRs present in the game. It also provides a decent amount of damage as well as a good recoil control. It will be available as a field drop in Troi and Erangel.

Apart from this new weapon, players will now be able to add the grenade launcher to weapons such as the MCX, Scar-L and it has been stated that more weapons will be added in the future.

Pickup and carry feature

Pick up and carry

Originally added in PUBG PC, the pickup and carry feature will be added in New State Mobile May update. Players can carry their teammates to a safe location and revive them. When they carry the player, the amount of HP depleted will reduce but the player carrying the knocked out teammate will have restricted combat.

Clan updates

Clan updates

With the third season of New State Mobile, playing matches will provide clan points to the clan. Moreover, if players are playing matches with their clan members, then more clan points will be provided. Based on the total points of the clan, a clan rank will be provided in the game. Special rewards will be given to the top 100 clans from each region.

New State Mobile May update has brought the third season as well as added the 7th Survivor Pass to the game. Players can check out the new rewards as well as the new featured character named Paul Rubin.

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