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PUBG New State January update set to bring BR: Extreme Mode, P90 weapon and more

Krafton has released the patch notes for PUBG New State January Update. Read the article to know the new features for the upcoming update.

PUBG New State January Update

PUBG New State is soon going to complete two months of its global launch which faced some technical glitches initially but is now providing a stable game play to its users. With PUBG New State January update, the developers plan to launch a whole new mode and an AR weapon for the players.

Updates are a major part of a battle-royale game as players tend to get wearied with the same content. Krafton never shies away from adding new updates in the game at frequent intervals and this now goes true for PUBG New State. Prior to the PUBG New State January update, the developers had issued some minor updates to fix bugs and miscellaneous issues and now the futuristic game is finally moving to a major update.

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PUBG New State January update Patch Preview

BR: Extreme Mode

BR: Extreme Mode

A new game mode called the BR: Extreme (64) will be available on the Troi map. While this mode will retain the battle royale (BR) concept, the mode will only feature 64 players and take place for 20 minutes. The playable area will be restricted similar to the Arcade matches in PUBG Mobile. Players will start the mode with a P1911 handgun, 1 smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters. As this will be played in an extreme mode, players need to be quick with their reflexes.

P90 weapon

P90 weapon

The P90 SMG weapon was earlier unavailable in the game unlike the previous versions of PUBG. However, PUBG New State January update will add this SMG to the care packages. It will use the 5.57 ammunition which will be given at the drone store. Apart from that, this SMG will come with an attached suppressor.

Weapon Customization Changes

With the new update of PUBG New State, players will be able to use the flash hider or a compensator with DP-28 once it is customized with the help of a customization kit. Players can also add the Lightweight stock to M762 while increasing the ADS bullet speed. However, both of this will reduce weapon stability.

New Actions and Animations



A new feature called the roll will be available in the battlegrounds after PUBG New State January update. After tapping the roll feature, players will roll instead of falling from the roof which will significantly decrease the amount of damage taken. This feature can also be used while exiting from moving vehicles.

Sudden Dash

Sudden dash

When players are prone and start sprinting forward, their character will be able to break into a sprint as soon as they get up so that they can move faster and the transition goes smooth.

Season 1

Season 1

The tiers of PUBG New State will reset, therefore players need to rank up quickly in order to receive rewards before Season 1 kicks in. With the new season, the final rewards for reaching Contender, Master, and Conquerer will be upgraded.

The developers have not yet informed when PUBG New State January update will be rolled out but it is safe to assume that the new content will be available shortly.

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