New test server features in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4

This article lists the features that Ubisoft has introduced in the Rainbow Six Siege test server for operation High Calibre.


Ubisoft had announced a few features they would be introducing on the Rainbow Six Siege test server and they have gone live since 8th of December. There are some features that have been teased since last season, but now Ubisoft plans to introduce these features in the game servers before the Six invitational 2022. There are some features that Ubisoft has introduced which have divided the community. These are curious additions that are being looked forward to by everyone in the community regardless of their opinions on it.

Team Deathmatch

New test server features in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4 3

Team deathmatch is being introduced to the test server. The mode was first revealed during an AMA by the developers in July 2021. Unlike the regular gameplay of Rainbow six siege which many players are familiar with the TDM mode will have infinite respawns and the ability to pick any op any number of times. I would love to see a five Blitz vs five Clash match however no shields operators are present in TDM.

This mode was introduced because of constant complains by players that the regular ‘quick match’(which was meant for casual gameplay) was too sweaty and the game had lost its sense of fun. It would be an interesting introduction to a game which is infamous for its one life-one round and one-shot headshot mechanics. I believe it would be oddly relaxing for a game in which the tensions are always high and every peek around the corner could be your last. It would be interesting to see how the community reacts to this new game mode which could be considered too ‘run and gun’ for siege.

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Attacker Repick

The second change is the feature of attacker repick which is also being introduced to the test server. This feature is being introduced to the game because developer Ubisoft thought that the game was slightly tilted in the favor of the defenders as they had majority of map control and choice of site. This gave a slight edge to defenders in the strategic area of the game.

Ubisoft thought that it was a bit unbalanced that attackers had to predict the site that the defenders would pick according to which they would pick the operators. A wrong prediction could throw off the entire plan. To solve this, they introduced the concept of attacker repick to the community last year. It had received mixed responses from the community back then and it would be interesting to see the responses now that it is live in the test server.

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Castle Buff

New test server features in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 4 4

The third change is that Castle has got a slight buff on the Rainbow six siege test server. Whether this change will be introduced in the mid-season patch is unknown, but the less game breaking nature of the it might make it a solid introduce and not just pure speculation. Previously to place Castle barricades on already barricaded doors or windows one had to go through the tedious process of removing the barricade then placing a castle barricade in its place. Now on the Test server it is observed that castle can directly place a castle barricade on the door or window without removing the barricade present on it. This drastically reduces the time taken to place all four castle barricades.

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