Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent stepping down: Heartfelt LinkedIn post brought tears to followers eyes

Nicolo Laurent has decided to step down from the post of CEO to spend more time with family.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent stepping down: Heartfelt LinkedIn post brought tears to followers eyes

When we hear League of Legends or Valorant, the first thing that comes to our mind is Riot Games. And it’s also the other way around. Riot has made its name in the gaming industry far and wide. Valorant and LoL (a.k.a League of Legends) are Riot’s biggest successes. Both these games are what made the strong standing for Riot in the gaming industry.


Riot’s CEO, Nicolo Laurent, made a very heartfelt post on LinkedIn. The title of this is ‘Completing an Important Quest.’ At first thought, fans assumed it to be a game announcement, but it turned out much more emotional than that. In his recent post, Nicolo has announced his retirement from the CEO position.

After 14 years of working with Riot Games, with 6 years as CEO, Nicolo Laurent has announced his retirement. Laurent has made this decision to spend more time with his family. Also, Laurent has named A. Dylan Jadeja, the current president of Riot Games, as his successor. The boards and management of the company unanimously decided Dylan’s candidature, as per Laurent. On stage with co-founders Brandon Beck & Marc Merill, they announced it the same day (12th May 2023).

In his post, Laurent touched upon the initial stages at Riot back in 2009, when it was just a start-up. Laurent’s words got quite sentimental as his LinkedIn post went on, detailing how tough this job has been, yet his passion never made him give up. Laurent expressed his desire to return to France with his family since France is his home country. He has also said to remain as an advisor in Riot Games, advising them moving forward in any of their new ventures. And lastly, Laurent thanked his colleagues and prayed for Riot’s success in the coming future.


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Nicolo Laurent will not completely part ways with Riot Games

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Nicolo Laurent attends Global Sports Week at Los Angeles Hub. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Nicolo Laurent is a French businessman and entrepreneur best known for his role as the CEO of Riot Games. Riot Games is the video game developer behind hugely popular online games like League of Legends & Valorant. Laurent was born in France and studied at the École Centrale Paris before starting his career in management consulting. He later worked at McKinsey & Company and served as a senior executive at several technology companies. Some of these companies are the current gaming industry dominators like EA Sports & Activision Blizzard.

In 2018, Laurent was appointed as the CEO of Riot Games, where he oversaw the continued success of League of Legends. And other games released after the start of his tenure. He also saw and played a prominent role in the company’s expansion into new markets and developing new games. Laurent has been praised for his leadership skills and his ability to foster a culture of innovation and creativity at Riot Games, and he has become a prominent figure in the gaming industry.

Although Laurent announced his retirement from the position of CEO of Riot Games, he also mentioned that he would not be joining any other organization. Instead, he would continue at Riot as an advisor.


The announcement of Laurent’s retirement from his CEO post is big news in the gaming industry. Not only would it affect the current shares and stock prices of the company, but its future plans too. This decision is bound to bring forward some new waves in the company. These can be in the form of management changes, current game updates, etc. All we can hope for is for these changes to be positive.

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