Riot Games gives the green light to The Guard’s players to compete in VCT Americas 2024

Riot Games makes a U-turn and reverse's The Guard’s players VCT spot

Riot Games gives the green light to The Guard’s players to compete in VCT Americas 2024

The Valorant community seems to be buzzing with happiness. This comes after Riot Gamest announced great news regarding The Guard’s situation. The players of The Guards will be able to compete in the following year’s VCT Americas league. After a major controversy that took place this weekend, fans are relieved that Riot Games has reversed its decision and is letting players compete in VCT Americas 2024. The players were being impacted by the poor decisions of Riot Games and The Guards and now that has ended.

It all began when Riot Games revealed that The Guard had he Guard failed to meet the deadline to agree to the Team Participation Agreement for VCT Americas. This resulted in them getting disqualified from VCT Americas 2024 despite having worked hard to get the spot by winning the region’s VCT Challengers Ascension tournament. Many analysts reacted to the situation, causing major backlash towards the org.


This would prompt Leo Faria, Head of Valorant eSports, to take the situation into his own hands. He took to X/Twitter to a lengthy paragraph to address the issue. Leo explained how despite the lack of responsibility of Riot Games and The Guards, the players should not have to face the consequences for it. He even suggested not promoting any teams this year.

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Fans might see the former Guard’s roster under the new org in VCT Americas 2024

Riot Games gives green light to The Guard's players to compete in VCT Americas 2024
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games recently took to X/Twitter to update fans. The five players who won the 2023 Ascension Americas tournament on July 9 for The Guard were released from their team contracts on September the 1st. Despite the team having been kicked out of the VCT 2024, the players are said to be welcomed into the tournament. They can either enter with an organization or as free agents individually.


Following the backlash received from America’s Valorant Players Association, the Riot were able to realize the impact the issue had on the players of The Guard. Even the head of Valorant eSports, Leo Faria had a word in on Twitter to announce to fans the happy news.

He said, “After working directly with the players, reviewing the process, and giving ourselves more time to think through the problem, we’ve landed on a path that gives them a chance to compete in the VCT Americas league next year. I want to thank everyone for their support of the players. We moved too fast when making the original decision, quickly realized it had been a mistake, and your feedback made that clear. I’m glad we have a chance to right this wrong and let the players play.”

Fans are relieved to find out that the players will be competing in the coming year’s VCT 2024. Despite a successful Valorant Champions 2023 Grand Final, VCT 2024 seemed to have got off the wrong start. However, thanks to the community, all is restored and things are back in order. Many orgs will now indulge in some sort of bidding war to sign these players and get the franchise spot for the upcoming VCT 2024 season. Now fans have to see which org will sign this super team.

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