Riot Games may finally introduce VCT Team Capsules next year in Valorant

Riot Games is soon going to introduce their much awaited team goodies, the VCT Team Capsules in Valorant!

Riot Games may finally introduce VCT Team Capsules next year in Valorant

(credits: VCT)

The currently stagnant VCT season is undergoing a significant change. Furthermore, numerous well-known Orgs are in the process of strengthening their rosters by adding seasoned players. Throughout the whole off-season, teams like Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and others have often modified their rosters for the upcoming VCT 2024. And it seems like Riot Games is bringing forth a change in Valorant and may introduce the VCT Team Capsules from next year!

The Valorant eSports scene has received a lot of traction recently, with a successful VCT 2023 season. Moreover, this VCT season was a box full of surprises, expected events & dramas. This season had players leaving teams, famous Orgs not performing well, and even the unfortunate passing away of Twisten. However, with all the bad came lots of good, too, with inexperienced teams demolishing players and ruling the show!


Furthermore, Riot Games revealed the new Valorant Esports ecosystem during the off-season last year. The new VCT ecosystem introduced thirty teams, three regional leagues, and a challenger league. Riot’s partnership program included financial support for the partner teams, among other things. As part of this, in-game VCT team packages that would directly assist the partner teams were introduced. Riot Games will now finally introduce VCT Team Capsules starting next year!

VCT Team Capsules coming to Valorant starting next year

In-game skins have been a popular alternative for fans to support their favourite professional teams since the launch of the VALORANT Champions Tour. Furthermore, this would be the best way for fans to support their favourite teams! And Riot Games is finally going to introduce this new way for fans to financially support their favourite team of choice! This will be in the form of VCT Team Capsules and will make their way into Valorant starting next year.

Riot Games may finally introduce VCT Team Capsules next year in Valorant
(credits: VCT 2023)

Riot Games did make an announcement about the VCT team bundles earlier this year, but they haven’t confirmed the team capsules yet. However, the well-known data miner ValorLeaks verified that VCT team capsules will be available starting next year.


All thirty partner teams will have access to these team capsules. They will include a player card, a Classic skin, and many more in-game goodies that highlight the team. The community will be able to show their support for the teams and provide financial support in the form of these VCT team capsules. Riot Games’ expertise in producing limited-edition skins and bundles ensures that the VCT team capsule will be an absolute triumph.

However, these capsules won’t be available for the Ascension teams and are only for original VCT partner teams. Furthermore, not many details are known about the upcoming VCT Team Capsules yet. But fans can expect to see them during the VCT 2024! This new addition to Valorant is definitely going to be a success, and fans are eagerly waiting for it!

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