Rockstar Games drops GTA 6 trailer 1 early following leaks

Rockstar Games officially releases the trailer for the "biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet", GTA 6

Rockstar Games drops GTA 6 trailer 1 early following leaks

The moment every teenager and adult was waiting for has finally arrived. Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the first trailer for the highly anticipated game of the decade, Grand Theft Auto 6. It was a 10-year long wait and it is finally here. The trailer was supposed to drop on December 5 at 9 AM ET but it was leaked on social media, so Rockstar pulled the trigger early.

Rockstar Games in 2022, revealed that they are working on the next instalment of the game. Since then, they have suffered numerous leaks which surely affected them. But now everything is back to normal as they have finally given fans the first look at GTA 6. It is a massive upgrade visually from GTA 5 since it is coming 10 years after the fans arrived in Los Santos. But it’s time to pack their bag and move to the beautiful beaches of Vice City.


It was already revealed by the leakers that GTA 6 is all set to return to the iconic Vice City, which is based off Miami, Florida. Fans enjoyed the beautiful in-game version city of Miami in the GTA Vice City and its prequel GTA Vice City Stories. Rockstar Games already introduced Liberty City and Los Santos to the HD universe from the 3D universe. Now, fans will witness Vice City like never before.

Rockstar Games returns to Vice City with GTA 6

In the beginning, players can see the beautiful beaches with the iconic sun glare which was absent from the franchise since GTA Vice City. Shortly after players meet the first female protagonist of the GTA franchise, Lucia. She teams up with the second protagonist, Jason. Both can be seen robbing a convenience store and in a high-speed chase. Rockstar Games called the GTA 6 the “biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet.”

GTA 6 Vice City
Vice City in GTA 6(Image via Rockstar Games)

Despite the trailer being just 91 seconds long, it revealed a lot of things first-hand. For instance, the Doodoo plane which was already in GTA 5 but known for the pain it gave to players in Vice City is returning. In addition to that, multiple vehicles like the iconic Cheetah (the classic version in GTA 5) from Vice City will be seen on the road in GTA 6.


There also seems to be a social media app in the game, similar to Instagram. For the wildlife, players can see flamingos, and a wild crocodile in someone’s pool and entering a store in the trailer. These are habitat creatures from Miami so it was obvious for Rockstar Games to add them in GTA 6.

As noted from the trailer, GTA 6 will be available in 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Like always, they have not mentioned anything about the port for PC. Like every other game from Rockstar Games, the PC version can take up to 1 to 2 years to arrive. This surely will upset players but they finally have a date to wait for. Let’s see what more Rockstar Games has packed and will roll out for players in GTA 6.

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