Rockstar Games officially confirms GTA 6 trailer is coming in early December

Rockstar finally reveals official information about GTA 6

Rockstar Games officially confirms GTA 6 trailer is coming in early December

GTA 6 has been on the tongues of gamers worldwide for years now. With GTA V released over a decade ago at this point, fans could not stop wondering when Rockstar will release the highly-anticipated sequel. Even though GTA V is the biggest hit of all time in the gaming industry, fans still craved something that could be even bigger.


A while ago, an image supposedly leaked the title menu of GTA 6. The leak also suggested that the game would be revealed in December of this year. It has been fiendishly challenging to get any official information about the game. In fact, Rockstar Games only confirmed the existence of GTA 6 in February 2022.

After this, Rockstar Games went fairly quiet about the project. They have barely released any official information about the upcoming game. However, that has changed since fans have finally gotten their hands on some official information from the developing house itself.

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GTA 6 Trailer Date Announced

Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser took to Twitter to make important announcements. There was also a statement on the official Rockstar games website. December 2023 will mark the hit gaming studio’s 25th anniversary. They are finally giving fans what they have craved for years to celebrate the milestone. Rockstar Games will reveal the first official trailer for GTA 6 to celebrate the milestone.

GTA 6 Trailer
Image via: Rockstar Games

Sam Houser thanked the fans for their constant support over the past two and a half decades. He said that the company was founded on the idea of making video games just as essential to culture as other forms of media are. Lastly, he made the announcement about the trailer being released next month.

Houser’s announcement did not mention an official date for the trailer’s release. However, fans do know that the trailer will be released in “early December”. Fans do know that The Game Awards take place on December 7th. It is a safe bet that the trailer will be shown in front of thousands of hardcore gaming fans at the event. Additionally, fans are unaware whether the trailer will bring it with other information, such as a release date for the game.

However, the trailer will give fans a good idea of the map and the setting of the game. It is highly rumoured that the game is going back to Vice City, with the setting resembling that of Miami City. It is also interesting to note that Houser didn’t refer to the game straightaway as GTA 6. Rather, he referred to it as the next Grand Theft Auto. This could potentially mean a totally different title for the game, such as the case with Vice City or San Andreas.


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