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Rockstar Games shelves GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters to focus on GTA 6

GTA VI may have made Rockstar Games shelf RDR1 and GTAIV remasters. Read More Here!

After receiving negative reviews from critics and fans alike on the GTA Trilogy remake, it would seem that Rockstar Games is shelving their other remaster projects coming up for a later time.

Even though Rockstar were working and developing remakes for a couple of other classics of theirs, they will now be botching those plans and focusing solely on the much anticipated GTA 6.

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Rockstar Games to focus on GTA 6

Rockstar Games is a game development company that needs no introduction. With blockbuster titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption under their belt, every single gamer out there knows about it.

Rockstar Games made an announcement related to GTA

A few of the most popular games by Rockstar games include GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, all three of which received a remastered version in the form of the GTA Trilogy: Remastered.

The remastered version of the original three Grand Theft Autos was not at all received well by both critics of the industry, and fans alike.

Now, there is news coming in from reliable leaker, Tez2, that the remakes that were in the making for the games of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption 1 have been shelved for two main reasons it would seem.

The first of course being the poor reception that the original remaster of the trilogy received while the second, being the development of GTA 6 and its schedule for release.

The much beloved game was also recently said to receive more attention and news on its release has been said to get announced in late 2022 but then again, it is all in Rockstar Games’ hands.

Concept art for GTA 6

It would also seem that Rockstar Games is learning from the mistakes that CD Projekt Red made by not releasing the game only due to public pressure which is a good thing considering how hight the hopes of the people are for GTA 6.

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