Sentinels Head Coach Kaplan gives roster update for VCT Americas: Marved will stay for rest of VCT Americas Split

Marved will be staying with Sentinels for the rest of the VCT Americas Split.

Sentinels Head Coach Kaplan gives roster update for VCT Americas: Marved will stay for rest of VCT Americas Split

SEN Marved

Sentinels have had a very rough and disappointing season at the VCT 2023 Americas so far. However, they have performed pretty well in the last two matches, even winning one. The addition of Marved to the squad has had fans hopeful for a better performance in the final stretch of the season.

Sentinels Head Coach Kaplan recently announced on Twitter that the newest addition to the Sentinels roster Marved will continue to play with the team for the rest of the season. Since joining the Sentinels squad only a week ago, Marved has proven his importance for the squad by putting on an amazing performance in the last two games. With only 2 days of training with the squad, he put up great numbers in the 2 – 1 loss against LOUD with 51 kills 44 deaths, and 16 assists. He also led the scoreboard in the win against MIBR with 38 kills 23 deaths and 17 assists. Fans were really happy to see Sentinels performing well in the VCT Americas after a rough patch.

Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen is professional VALORANT athlete from Canada. He is a famous name in the VALORANT community. His most prominent achievement is winning the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik with Team Optic. The 23 year old was recently added to the Sentinels roster to fill the huge void left by its star duelist Tenz who out due to injuries.

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Sentinels look more balanced with the addition of Iceman

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The addition of Marved who plays the controller role has made the squad more balanced, letting other players settle back into their own roles. Sacy has finally reverted to his original role of initiator and looks more composed during the matches.  “Marved fit like a glove and I feel like that essentially brought us into unison as a team,” pANcada told Sports Illustrated in a recent interview

The Sentinels Head coach Kaplan has announced the update to the Sentinels roster for rest of the VCT Americas season. With the addition of Marved to the roster, he is hopeful that the team can represent NA at VCT Tokyo.

The updated roster for Sentinels consists of Marved, dephh, Sacy, zekken, and pANcada. Although fans have been happy with Sentinels’ improved performance at the VCT Americas, they have been worried about the future of their star duelist Tenz with the team. Tenz had not been able to perform well due to a wrist injury and was taken out recently from the squad after being tested positive for COVID. However, Head Coach Kaplan has reassured fans that Tenz will continue to stay at Sentinels and “will be with them every step of the way” although he won’t be in action for the rest of the season.

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