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Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, K/D Ratio, Headshot Rate, YouTube Channel, Monthly Income, And More For May 2022

Skylord is among the most popular content creator in the Indian ree Fire community. Here we will take a look at Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, k/d ratio, YouTube channel, and more for May 2022.

Skylord Free Fire MAX ID

Free Fire MAX has amassed a huge community of streamers and content creators on YouTube with millions of subscribers. Here in this article, we will take a look at Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, K/D ratio, headshot rate, YouTube channel, monthly income, and more for May 2022.

Abhiuday Mishra also known by his IGN Skylord is a prominent content creator in the Indian Free Fire community. He creates videos related to Free Fire gameplay and reaction videos as well on his YouTube channel. Let’s take a look on Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, k/d ratio, YouTube channel, and more for May 2022.

Skylord Free Fire MAX ID

Skylord’s Free Fire MAX ID is ‘77985476‘.

Lifetime Stats

Skylord Lifetime Stats

Abhiyuday has participated in 15556 squad games and has 7723 Booyahs on his name in this mode. With 53041 frags in this mode, he has a K/D ratio of 6.77.

In the duo mode, he has been seen in 763 games and has triumphed in 181 of them. He has eliminated 2272 foes for a K/D ratio of 3.90.

Skylord has secured 129 first-place finishes out of 764 he appeared in. He has successfully secured 2486 kills to maintain a kill-to-death ratio of 3.91.

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Skylord’s Ranked Stats

Skylord Ranked Stats

Skylord has participated in 5 squad matches and secured 2 Booyahs in the ongoing ranked season. He has eliminated 27 foes to maintain a K/D ratio of 9.00.

He is yet to appear in his first duo ranked game of this BR-ranked season.

Abhiyuday has also played a single solo ranked match and secured booyah in it. With 7 frags he secured a kill-to-death ratio of 7.00.

Skylord YouTube Channel

Skylord YouTube Channel

Abhiyuday started his YouTube journey back in early 2020. He uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel named “Skylord“. He has posted over 217 videos on his YouTube channel gathering a huge community of 1.47 million subscribers and over 149 million views as well. As per the reports by SocialBlade, his monthly earning’s lie between $376 and $6k.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as he continues to play more games in Free Fire MAX.

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