Small-time Twitch streamer highlights how Ludwig has been a ‘positive influence’ amidst ongoing chaos

Small-time Twitch streamer Avghans recently shared a moment with Ludwig who has been a positive influence on his since his 3 months of streaming.

Small-time Twitch streamer highlights how Ludwig has been a 'positive influence' amidst ongoing chaos
Twitch streamer Avghans and Ludwig

Twitch is facing the backlash from an ongoing whirlwind of controversies right now, with several streamers getting called out for different controversies. However, amidst all the ugliness, a content creator has highlighted how helpful Ludwig Ahgren has been for him. Subsequently, several other fans opened up about how Ludwig had been helpful towards them.

Ludwig Ahgren is a renowned YouTuber, although he rose to fame during his Twitch days. The American internet personality is largely known for his ability to quickly present a discussion on crucial matters in the streamer’s community. He has also organized several offline events for the streaming community which have been immense successes.

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Twitch streamer Avghans shares a precious moment with Ludwig

Small-time Twitch streamer highlights how Ludwig has been a 'positive influence' amidst ongoing chaos
Ludwig Ahgren

Viewers might be well aware of how the purple platform is broiling with controversies lately. It started with the ItsSliker gambling drama, and now streamers are getting exposed with some grave accusations levied against them. Several creators have already expressed their desire to leave the platform due to the mayhem.

Amidst all this chaos, Ludwig Ahgren stood out earlier today as a small time Twitch streamer, who goes by the name Avghans, shared with his fans how the 27-year-old YouTuber has been a positive influence on his life.

He shared a moment where Ludwig can be seen watching his livestream which made him extremely elated. Although the streamer has previously shared the news of Ludwig reacting to his video, he felt it was crucial to highlight during such times when the platform is falling apart.

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Avghans also urged others to share their memories or pictures with the streamer to which a Twitter user replied that a couple of years ago, the YouTuber had reacted to his first ever animatic which inspired him to undergo immense training and result in him getting hired by The Yard.

The emerging Twitch streamer replied to this explaining how amazing it is to know that Ludwig has created so many opportunities for the people through Mogul Moves, his secondary YouTube channel where he mostly uploads content on non-gaming matters.

Fans share their ‘Ludwig moments’

Avghans sharing this wholesome moment after completing 3 months of streaming had inspired other fans to talk about the time when the Mogul man made them happy. Fans certainly had a lot to share-

To the streamer’s delight, Ludwig saw the Twitter post and even replied with a smile acknowledging the gratitude shown to him. With close to 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is certainly becoming a big name in the industry and his humble nature was a small contribution.

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