Streamers Suspendas and SlightlyHomeless detained in Nepal over inappropriate behavior with 15-year-old girls

Suspendas and Slightly Homeless, two kick streamers, are supposedly detained in Nepal where they might spend up to 10 years in prison.

Streamers Suspendas and SlightlyHomeless detained in Nepal over inappropriate behavior with 15-year-old girls

Streamers Suspendas and SlightlyHomeless (Image via: Twitter/ Slightly Homeless)

On May 18, 2023, the Nepali police authorities took custody of two streamers who had previously proposed the idea of marriage to two women in Nepal. Things went downhill when it was later revealed that the girls were only 15 years old. The streamers in custody were none other than SlightlyHomeless and Suspendas. The two streamers communicated with the two teen girls on the stream. And that is how the incident came to light.

For context, the same video where the accused streamer had earlier talked with girls was posted on the r/Nepal subreddit. The user had asked the other members on Reddit to send the video link to the police authorities. When police finally arrived at the scene, the video was cut off. Thereafter, the two streamers were sent to Nepalese jail for the time being. After the news broke out, a woman who claimed to be from the US embassy turned up to talk with two streamers.


The authority over there gave the streamers their option and consulted upon the bearing situation at hand. Several prominent Kick streamers, like Ice Poseidon, are at the moment streaming live stuff from Nepal.

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Streamers get detained in Nepal over inappropriate behavior

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Suspendas and SlightlyHomeless (image credit:

Streamers Suspendas and Slightly Homeless get detained in Nepal over inappropriate behavior with 15-year-old girls. The woman claimed that the authorities had detained them after watching the video. SlightlyHomeless was “rapping about inappropriate things” and further offered to marry an underage girl.


Homeless further admitted, “I was rapping, I said some things I probably shouldn’t have said.”

The representative of the US Embassy suggested that the two seek legal counsel from several available attorneys. Additionally, they warned that the worst-case scenario for them could have been ten years in prison. Another streamer who visited the prison was informed by an officer that it was likely they would be removed from the country. TheRealMoisesB, a different Kick live stream, revealed that Homeless was in tears and was about to be deported after calling his parents. Moises, meanwhile, estimated that Suspendas would spend up to two months in the Nepalese jail.

Suspendas, however, confirmed that he and the other content creators had all been released during a call with Ice Poseidon. And that “the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.”


“Some f*cking bullsh*t happened, but I’m not guilty of anything,” he further added.

However, this was not the first time streamers got into trouble for doing something like this. Recently, a streamer called Johnny Somali started harassing people on a Japanese train and even threatened to attack Japan while blatantly giving the context of the WW2 American attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It would be interesting to see where this goes as trouble seems to follow those who seek it.


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